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Sunday, March 4, 2012

For the Love of Art And Life: Art & SOul

Artists Inspire and Awe 
Share and Support 
At Art & SOul

So many happy faces, so many new friends, and such creativity found this year at Art & Soul.  This has been a much needed retreat to rejuvenate instructors as they swap stories, laugh out loud, and celebrate art and life.

As well, the this retreat honors students who seek mentorship, learning, and new skills to take back to home and studio to create some magic of their own.

For myself, I found some of the most amazing women.... artists from my own back yard!  Looking so forward to sharing our art filled lives soon. How lucky and so very timely for me.

 I was moved, honored and thrilled to find such support and comradery from not only local colleagues, but from the Aussie gals, an ocean away!  I know you met them on the Art & SOul blog hop.  Visit Christine Atkins and Jen Crossley to see what beautiful things they create and what they are up to.  Learn how to create shadow boxes, bracelets, rivets and rings with cold connections by signing up for their future US events like Art & Soul in Portland this fall,

Be sure to also check out Jean VanBrederode,  and Erin Keck, both from PA to see Jean's amazing copper enameling and Erin's renowned metal journals and geared assemblage.

See some of the free spirits and gorgeous art pieces found around today!

Christine Atkins

Jen Crossley and Christine Atkins

Erin Keck and Jen Crossley

deborah petronio

sample creations

Marie Kennedy, second row:  Jen Crossley, Glenny Moir, Christine Atkins

sample bracelet pre construct

let's wig out class!




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