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Friday, September 26, 2014

Three Stamps Made With Amazing Mold Rubber

by Lynne Suprock

I am loving being a part of
the Amazing Crafting Products Creative Design Team,  getting to
play with all these wonderful products, then show you  what I design. 
Today I want to share with you how to make your own rubber
stamps so that you may use them in your collage work, jewelry work, tag
designs, or anything else you can think of. 
We will make these stamps three different ways… so let’s get started.
When working with my Amazing Mold Rubber, I usually like to have a
few projects together at one time, or work on one big project.  That is just my preference, but you can
measure out the two part product and complete at intervals if you’d like.  

For this tutorial, I personally set up all three projects before mixing and pouring my Amazing Mold Rubber.  However, the tutorials, as written, will also guide you through each project as a stand alone.


Things you will need:
    Steel die letters, small
    Block of wood, soft pine
    Popsicle sticks, 4
    Elmers glue
    Alumilite Mold Release 
    small brush

    Using the steel die letters, hammer them into the wood.  Write a name, a phrase or a story.

    Build a wall around the stamped letters with popsicle sticks
    and attach with elmer's glue.  Make sure
    you dab the glue into each corner and in the cracks where the popsicle sticks
    meet the wood.
    Let dry.

    Paint letter depressions and wood surface with Alumilite Mold Release
    Mix the two part Amazing Mold Rubber.  Click HERE to see a video tutorial for how to do mix it.
    When you are ready, pour the Amazing Mold Rubber into the mold and let dry.

    Peel away the rubber and using the ink of your choice, stamp!



    Things you will need:
      Embossing plate with a design for pasta maker or Cricut
      Alumilite Mold Release and small brush
      Duct tape

      Paint the inside of either top or bottom of the embossing
      Surround all four sides of the plate with duct tape and
      press to secure, leaving an wall about ½” high.

      Mix the two part Amazing Mold Rubber.  Click HERE to see a video tutorial for how to do mix it.
      When you are ready, pour the Amazing Mold Rubber, let set and unmold.

      Use your favorite ink and stamp!


        Materials you will need:
          A clear candy mold with a pattern (I used a brick wall pattern)

          Paint the candy mold with mold release.

          Mix the two part Amazing Mold Rubber.  Click HERE to see a video tutorial for how to do mix it.

          When you are ready, pour the Amazing Mold Rubber and let set.

            Unmold and stamp using your favorite ink!

            I have had so much creative fun doing these stamp making projects, and hope that you will give it a try, or experiment a little too!  

            Friday, September 12, 2014

            Moss Sanctuary For Frozen Charlotte in The Fall Issue Of Jewelry Affaire

            Moss Sanctuary For Frozen Charlotte in The Fall Issue Of Jewelry Affaire

            I just loved making these little reliquaries for my porcelain dolls.  I even got a little gutsy and made wings for the little Charlottes that were really broken.  Somehow that seemed to make them special.

             These little pieces remind me of another sculpted iconic woman from the novel Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil.  A few years ago, I had visited the cemetery where this bird girl stood.  I was enthralled and her vision remains with me, so I guess this is a little tribute to her....

            My recollection of her image is in several pieces that I made for this fall issue of 
            Jewelry Affaire Magazine.
            They are on little necklaces with coordinating slumped glass beads. 

            There is even a pouch for each of them for sleeping!  OK, that was worth a giggle....

            Thursday, August 21, 2014

            Simply Pretty Stuff Workshop In The News In Ligonier, PA

            Stone Infusion Gem and Jewelry Workshop In The News At Allegory Gallery, Ligonier, PA

            A few weekends ago I was lucky enough to hold one of my workshops at The Allegory Gallery in Ligonier, PA.  Students learned how to make, or replicate, mineral and gem pieces, and create costume jewelry pieces in some wonderful texture and color combinations. By using Amazing Crafting Products, the group made molds, colored and used special resins and paint with pearly mica powders, like alumidust, to make pieces like these.

            While we were busy working, we had a visit from the local newspaper photographer.  That was tons of fun.  You can see the article and picture at the following link...

            Here are a few pictures of the students and their awesome work!

            Wednesday, August 20, 2014

            The Altered Doll Meet Up

            Altered Dolls: The Firefly Girls
            A Meet and Greet, So To Speak

            This has been a meeting in the making for quite some time now, where East girls drive West, and Northern girls drive South to connect in a Pennsylvania town, rich with both history and art, at the foothills of the Laurel Mountains.

            I met up with my two art sisters, Kat Stromecki and Deb Petronio from the East Aurora area of NY in Ligonier, PA, for a weekend of catch up and to share a project that we all had been working on.

            Deb generally enjoys the art of altering object,s giving them a bit of Steampunk flair.  Kat enjoys collage and journaling, with a personal interest in creating one's life stories on paper.  Here are some samples of their work...



            Several months ago, Kat sent us Ebay "Donna Dolls" so that we could have at it for giving them a new home and personality.  The challenge was to complete our makeovers and meet up for the unveiling of our three altered girls, The Firefly Girls, for the very first time. Here they are!

            The girls were all very different and, as far as we could tell, all had a very good time.  So did the grown up art girls for sure : -)  Here are a few more candid shots of the weekend in Ligonier, PA!

            Filling Shotgun Shells with AMAZING Colors and Resin Layers

            Filling Shotgun Shells with AMAZING Colors and Resin Layers

            Hi everyone! Here with another fun tutorial as part of the Amazing Crafting Product Design Team– this time using Amazing Crafting Products casting resins. I recycle and use shotgun shells in some of my creative mixed media designs, which make perfect bezels for this project.

            I thought I would add a bit of colored Amazing Casting Resin, followed with a doming layer of Amazing Clear Cast Resin, to sandwich a pretty little heart between the layers in a bezel. I love how the colored resin provides a beautiful background for my brass charms and rhinestone pieces. Take a look at a few of these samples, then watch the video below for complete instructions for making the shotgun shell heart ring.

            Layering and Filling Shotgun Shell Bezels with
            Amazing Casting Resins and Colorant... a video tutorial.

            Trouble viewing the video???
            Please CLICK HERE to jump and view on YouTube.

            Things you will need to make this project include: Amazing Clear Cast Resin (clear doming resin); Amazing Casting Resin (fast setting opaque resin); Alumilite Dye (your choice of colors); ring or pendant bezel; wooden jig or clothes pins (2); and a small charm to fit the bezel.

            What items would you embed
            and a recycled shotgun bezel?

            I look forward to creating other precious gems using Amazing Crafting Products, and would love if you would let us know how this technique works for you too! Please share what you make with Amazing Crafting Products on our website in the User Gallery.