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Friday, April 4, 2014

Art Is You Retreats: Mini Soldered Metal And Leather Journal Workshop Offered In Stamford

 Mini Soldered Metal And Leather Journal Workshop At ART IS YOU RETREATS!

A lot of us like to write... we jot down sayings, scribble thoughts, hash out song lyrics, or copy down url's we want to visit someday, when we are not so, so busy.

Wouldn't it be nice to carry around the coolest little book EVER that would make you smile whenever and where ever you opened it?!  Wouldn't it be even better if you were able to say, "I made that" when onlookers ou and ah!  : )  Right! : )

Well, you can say that after taking this mini little journal workshop at Art-Is-You this fall.  I will be teaching all the how-tos of image transfer, flood soldering, metal stamping, and special book binding without stitching.

Bring your own brass findings and stamps, or use mine!!  We are sure to have fun together in this workshop, sharing our ideas while honing skills!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Summer 2014 Sea Glass and Stamped Soldered Initial Pendant Workshops at Adams County Art Council

 Sea Glass Charms and Stamped Soldered Initial Pendant Workshops 

This Summer, At The Adams County Arts Council Of Gettysburg, PA, I have the opportunity to teach a few of my short "how-to"workshops in my own backyard!  The Arts Council has a beautiful education center on Washington Street, right in the heart of American history, and I am thrilled to be there!

Both workshops will take place on Saturday, May 31st at the center.  For more details and registration information click the following link:

Sea Glass Charms/Pendants

Stamped Soldered Initial Pendants

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Art Is You Retreats: Tiara Workshop Offered in Stamford!

Tiara Workshop At Art-Is-You Retreats

Okay, who doesn't want a tiara?  One to wear, one to give away, one to sit on a shelf in your sewing room or craft area....

It is time to join your art sisters (and bros) and have some fun creating fabulous things.  Take beautiful pieces away with you and use your new found skills again and again to keep creating throughout the year!

This fall I will run a Tiara Extraordinaire workshop at the Art Is You Retreat in Stamford, CT.  There are NO soldering irons involved, I promise : )

Spend the day learning how to make these replica vintage silverware patterned pieces.  They are light weight....yes! light weight! You can wear them all day or all night and to anywhere a princess might go in style.

I am hoping you will join me and others for a exciting new one day workshop.  Spaces are filling.  I promise that a workshop to learn how to make tiaras extraordinaire is much more rewarding than scoring those new pair of shoes!!! 
Check out my workshop and other terrific ones like it as you take a peek at our all star instructor line up this fall. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Soldered Bottle Necklaces At Art-Is-You Retreats

Soldered Bottle Necklaces Workshop!

This year I am thrilled to be teaching everyone who registered for this class at Art-Is-You Retreats how to solder little bottle necklaces containing words like "brave", "hope", and "dream" that will literally appear to float inside!

This is an evening class in Stamford, CT this October at Art-Is-You Retreats and spaces are filling up.  If you have never taken a workshop at an art retreat before, this would be the perfect introduction to all the wonderful new skills, new friends and new adventures that lie ahead waiting for you!

I love these little pendants so much that I called my class the Twinkly Love Affaire With Words workshop!  Please visit the details of my workshop and the workshops offered by my other art sisters at 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine Features Shotgun Shell And Leather Bracelets!!

Shotgun Shell And Leather Bracelet In 
Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine

Absolutely, the most exciting thing for me to recycle is the shotgun shell brass.  They make the perfect little jewelry bezels!  I have used them several ways and love how they just!

This spring, my bracelets are featured in Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine, a Stampington journal.  The submission was accepted quite a bit ago so there are a few new tricks that I will be teaching in future workshops regarding these lovely pieces of arm candy.  Cynthia Levens, editor extraordinaire for BAJ, did a beautiful spread I thought.  Her photographers always seem to make the writer's work jump right off the page.  I truly love how everything looked.

If you are interested in learning more about shotgun shell separation and jewelry making, take my online ring workshop, offered as a VIDEO workshop along with PDF handouts, at 

 The course has no timeline, so you can do it at your own pace and review it as many times as you would like. Here is the direct link, if you would like to check it out!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Touch Of Taste Shop

A Touch Of Taste Offers Themed Artist Aprons

A few months ago I spent the day with art sister and seamstress extraordinaire, Cheri Cline.  Cheri has designed and sewn quite a few truly awesome themed aprons over the past 3 years.  I was thrilled when she gifted me one of her first pieces, a pink Barbie themed apron, back in 2011! 
Our destination landed us in Lancaster, PA, where Cheri works part time at A Touch Of Taste boutique, in the middle of the Brickerville Shoppes, in Lititz, PA, and displays her aprons in her very own corner of the store.  It was an inspiring day!


Friday, January 31, 2014

Perfume Bottle Art On The Cover Of Just Steampunk, vol 4!

Making The Cover Of 
Just Steampunk Magazine, vol 4

I just love cutting apart and decorating bottles, some big, some small.  It began years ago, when my son hauled some up from an old farm trash pit on the property that we owned.  Since then, I have found treasures at tag sales, and friends and family have sent a few pretty bottles my way.

Over the years, I have published about the transformation process and have taught workshops at retreats like CREATE and Art Is You. However, this month, I was thrilled to see my reptilian bottle on the cover of Just Steampunk Magazine, vol 4!  I am still pinching terrific is this?

hinged and altered soldered perfume bottle

Other views of my bottle are seen inside the magazine, along with pictures of some of my other work.  Thank You Just Steampunk editorial staff for all your help and support!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Art-Is-You Stamford 
Registration For Fall Workshops... Now Open

For all the art sisters who have ever been to this Art-Is-You Retreat, I am sure that you cannot wait to come back again to Stamford this fall.  You've even most likely picked out your classes already, and are now looking forward to that magical event where kindred spirits gather and fabulous friends are found.  So many wonderful things happen there!

Now, if you have never attended Art-Is-You, Go Nowby all means, look at all the wonderful stuff this creative mixed media retreat has to offer by visiting the website below.  

Aside from Stamford, CT,  this year Art-Is-You Retreats will also occur in Olive Branch, MS,  Petaluma, CA, and new this year....  New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, Australia!  

artwork by kim geiser

This year I will be teaching three brand new workshops in Stamford, and boy, am I excited about each and every one of them!   Students who sign up for these venues will have the opportunity to create a beautiful soldered and leather bound Journal of Reflection, design a Tiara Extraordinaire, or just have a love affaire with words, while creating a whimsical bottle necklace!

Check out all the important details of my workshops at the links below......then go to the Stamford Home page and click the "Registration" button.  : )

So grab your BFF and have some fun with all the others in the Art-Is-You family.  Be a part of it.  You matter.  Make a difference...

Friday, December 27, 2013

Soldered Book Pendants in Jewelry Affaire

Books Extraordinaire in Jewelry Affaire
Winter 2014

I have been lucky enough this holiday season to see my special book necklaces, made from stamped solder and colored with a bit of Guilder's Paste, in the current issue of Jewelry Affaire.  

I love the artists' features found in this publication and am thrilled when my pieces are selected to be among them.  

Actually, sometimes, the best of art friendships actually begin when writing for publication.  Some of us exchange emails, connect on facebook, or once in awhile just have old fashioned chats on the phone.  One of my art sister friends lives hundreds of miles away and we just now got off the phone after chatting like school girls.  

I love what publishing has given me.... new friends and networking, confidence and affirmation of creative endeavors, and opportunity to achieve much, much more.  I so encourage others to submit and keep on submitting.  Get out there and share.

Thank you Jewelry Affaire and thank you to all of their readers who take the time to look at my things among all the creative others.

My Journal Pendants Featured In PAGES, A Cloth Paper Scissors Special Publication

Homegrown Journal Pendant
Featured In The Latest Edition Of 

Last summer I was thrilled to meet Jenn Mason.  Jenn is a dynamo, filling many roles at Interweave.  She manages the CREATE venue where I taught workshops last July in Somerset, NJ.  She is also the editorial director for Cloth Paper Scissors and PAGES..... 

I met Jenn after learning that my article had been accepted into the PAGES publication.  We were then able to talk a bit about some of those creative endeavors that were near and dear to me, with some frame of reference.  She was so generous with her time during our exchange.  It was like talking with an art sister extraordinaire.  I am hopeful to work more with Jenn and Interweave in the future.

Okay, back to my article.......  It turned out fabulously.  It was an early Christmas present for this happy girl.  The folks at PAGES did a larger than life, splendid job with my images and story.  I was blown away!!  The entire issue boasts of beautiful graphics and easy to follow instructions for all those beautiful creative book projects featured.  I would encourage you to go to Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, Joann Fabric and Crafts and find a copy of your own.  Of course, you could always get one from them online directly.  

Here is my sneak peak article.  Thank You Jenn!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Art Sister Ornament Sharing For The Holidays

Handmade From The HeArt Ornaments

This year, Cat Kerr organized a holiday ornament sharing event between art friends.  Some of us had not ever met face to face, prior to this fall.  In fact, Cat and I first met across the miles through email, while collaborating on a Belle Armoire Magazine article earlier in the year.  Finally, this October we met for the first time at the Art Is You Retreats in Stamford, CT.  How truly special and what fun it was.....

Apologies for not sharing sooner, but here are ornaments from the artists who participated.  They are so beautiful, each and every one!  I love how they hang sentimentally on my tree in the studio.  They shall stay there all year round.  

Happy Holidays to all my art sisters!

Cat Kerr

Lynne Suprock (moi)

Jodi Ohl

Kecia Deveney

Leslie Venable

Nellie Wortman

Nancy Maxwell

Taryn Reece

Monday, December 23, 2013

A Believer in Miracles And The Power of Faith, Hope and Family

A Journey From This Place To The Next:
Adventures Unfolding

For all of us, time passes too quickly.  We are born, are in a rush to grow up, then when we are finally sage with wisdom, we must wonder where we are to go next.... what adventures and challenges, love and life should lie ahead?  

So it is with a miracle, that life begins again... and so I suppose that it is my belief in this miracle that we are born, we die, and we are born again.  What we do in between the being born part and the dying part is up to us.  Did we make a difference?  Did we waste our gift?  In the end, did we really get what living was all about?  I do think about these things every now and again, and this is one of those now and again times.

My mom passed away last Saturday.  It has been a little hard to get things into perspective until now.  She is on to her next challenge, and she will hit the ground running, no doubt.  She believed that there was life in every breath and a purpose for all of us in that life.  It was difficult seeing her decline over the weeks and months that passed.  As well, it was difficult for her to accept her decline and her ultimate frail mortality.  These things we cannot change, no matter how much we wish we could.

Growing up mom endured hardship, but also had experienced great joy.  As a young woman, she could count on family, older brothers and a sister, for strength and encouragement as she continued her along her path of choices.....of life's challenges.

Then, at the cusp of middle age, she lost her husband, her friend, and a father to her three children.  Without fail, she carried on with great strength and conviction to make a life for us all.  She was my ultimate motivation to succeed and to move beyond the status quo.  

This is not goodbye, nope, but just another chapter before the next book in a new life begins.  I will have faith and hope that, as family, we will meet once again.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Auction To Benefit Disaster Relief in The Philipines/ Simply Pretty Stuff Tiara


Andrew Thornton has organized this silent auction blog hop to benefit the victims of the recent disaster in the Philipines. There are countless people there, young and old, without food, clothing, or shelter.  I agreed to help raise money to help those people by donating this tiara for the auction.  The proceeds raised will be sent to a relief organization, CARE. 

The tiara fits all head sizes.  It is one of my featherweights.  This 
silver soldered piece features white lace and blue glitter webbing, giving a bit of dimension to each soldered charm on the base.  Swirlie wires and a vintage piece of costume jewelry adorn the top.  Retail value of this particular tiara is $108.00.   Starting asking bid is $38.00.  

All bidders should post their bids in the comment section.  The auction will run until midnight on Thursday, Dec 5th.  The winner will be announced on Friday, Dec 6th.  I am providing shipping free of charge via USPS, first class with tracking, as soon as payment is received from the winner.  Payment will be through Paypal.  I will contact the winner directly once the auction closes.

The following artists are also participating in this auction event.  Go see what they have on the auction block: