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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Wedding Of The Century!

Just Married...

In case one were to notice, there has not been much activity on this blog for a bit.  Much to do in the way of a major event going on in our lives.  Our son has married the love of his life and Joanna has done the same.  The studio activity here is on hiatus, but will resume shortly after basking in the moment...

It was the most beautiful day for a wedding in New Hampshire!  Sunny, warm, fall days are undoubtedly the best!! The ocean breeze from a stone's throw away was so New England!

The food was yummy and the bride and groom, awesome.  Singing, dancing, eating and some well given toasts were all part of the afternoon. 

People came from Canada, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and other such far away lands to attend Chris and Joanna's  special event.  A fun filled evening with a barbeque at the new couple's home followed the luncheon reception. 

These are just a few of the one thousand plus photos snapped.  Seriously!  Let me start with an unconventional shoe picture!  sigh.  Conventional pix will follow!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Christmas Ornaments
By Simply Pretty Stuff

I just added these favorite collages to the mix for some of the more recent Chrismas Ornaments on the design board today.  I can leave the kitties alone for awhile now and get working again.
Tiaras next!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Orphan Kitties

Not One, But Two Homeless Kitties

Well, there was an unexpected, two surprises this weekend.  Out for morning coffee and wandering around in the parking lot, was a tiny little kitty.  Before I could finish the phrase, "Here kitty, kitty," she was under our car peeking out from the behind the tires.  A second more and she was in my husband's arms.  What could we do? 

Coffee delayed until after a quick trip to the Clearview Animal Hospital in Hanover.  They are terrific folks there.  They gave her the once over and tested for the dreaded FIV/feline leukemia.  Negative meant life. I was glad.  She spent the night curled up in our mudroom and with a full belly safe from the elements.  Never did get that morning joe.

That would have been the end of it. However, I had a definite feeling there was still a kitty out there... a litter mate perhaps, or the mum.  It did not take much deliberation, so in the rain, we went back to where we found the first little girl. 

OK, you guessed it, and the title gives it away.  Number two was soaked and shivering under a bush.  Our Vet once again, gave a good prognosis for number two. 

BOTH girls now reside in our mudroom.

A dear friend is considering adopting.  It is a big decision though so some time is needed for it to be the right one.  They each met and love her already, so it would be an easy fit into a new household if they go......Sigh. 

Most of the studio work did not get done this weekend.  There were more pressing matters at hand in the form of hugs, petting and flea combing.  Work will resume again tomorrow and at break time, a couple of kittens will need attention.

Simply splendid, don't you agree? I am thinking there will be two more ornaments on our "family tree" of ornaments, custom designed by Simply Pretty Stuff, of course.