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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Mini Book Necklace Using Apoxie Sculpt: Art Project Share 7

Mini Book Necklace Using Apoxie Sculpt:  
Art Project Share 7

By Lynne Suprock

I have loved playing with Aves Products for several years.  My most favorite project has been making tiny little wearable books using their Apoxie Sculpt.  In the past, I have used the white version of the Sculpt, then acrylic painted a base and rubbed with a second coat color. 

However, I received the sample pack of neutral colors and decided to start with the black.  I loved how easy it was to add a bit of Rub & Buff to the dried final piece.   When dried, Apoxie Sculpt is rock hard.

Watch this quick 4 minute tutorial on the basic steps of making this book!  

TIPS: It is a good idea to use gloves when mixing and handling Apoxie Sculpt as it is sticky.  Wear gloves as well if applying Rub and Buff with fingers after the clay dries.

I chose to use a Coptic book binding stitch for the signature pages this project and used black waxed linen for doing so.

Apply the jump ring to the back inside part of the book plate when the clay is dried.  Use a small ball of mixed A and B wet Apoxie Sculpt to cover the bottom portion of the jump ring.  The ring will stay placed when the clay dries.

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