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Saturday, February 26, 2011

New York, Old As.....Dirt?

Aging Grace

Not everything ages gracefully.  Not everyone would consider an inanimate object as something having age at all.  However, things like buildings and trees, surely do age, flying through time along side their human counterparts.  In the usual city, one can find spectacular architecture, with or without facelift, or the remains of a crumbling ruin, once something spectacular, but now neglected, as it was abandoned in time.
New York has some wonderful surprises and things that warrant a stop to ponder their designers, builders, planters, caretakers.
A good friend, New York's Mindful Walker (, and I spent some time a while back, beating the pavement, discovering and admiring the living, breathing city of New York with a unique eye..............AND with a hearty appetite for tea and biscotti stops along the way one cold, brisk day in the Village. Check these out. Each speaks.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

La Dame

La Dame

It is difficult to see the dimension here but, ou la la, turned out nicely!  It is a substantial pin that makes a statement : )
I love the mixed metals and media I used in this piece. Let me know if you love it too!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Cupcakes Like No Other

Alright, I like cupcakes.  They are terrific with, say, COFFEE...have I ever mentioned  that I do love my coffee?

OK, now I am on to these cupcakes.  How good should a cupcake be before they are considered.........mmm, ah, mmm, sinful?
Totally ate this last night.

Connected with a really good ... no, great friend last night for a V-day meet up and was doubly surprised to receive these cupcakes from none other than CRUMBS here in NYC. How simply wonderful and what a perfect ending to a great night out.

If you get a chance get your own sweet morsels from Crumbs, at least once!  Go ahead and DO IT!

Monday, February 14, 2011



The latest of one of a kind Victorian brooches.  Before they were mom's, they were......Sweet Hearts, Matrons, and Oh, yes, Garden Dwellers...
These are definitely simply pretty!

Tiara's Most FaBulous

Tiara's Tiara's Tiara's

This would be the best day perhaps to wear one of these around town!!  Contact moi through
if you would like one perfectly made for you

Valentine FUN with Danny Seo

Recyclables Make Cool Valentine Gifts

Check out Danny Seo.  I just found this guy on television today at the Hilton as I catch up on design work and computer clean up.

There were some oh, so fun things he did with old legos like making journals.  And what mom or dad hasn't thought of taking all those broken crayons and melting them down into BIG ones......or ones shaped in hearts.

As soon as I get a handle on my work, I am out and about in NYC today.  There are a few retailers I am anxious to meet with my simply pretty stuff brooches.  Nervous and excited there.

Friday, February 11, 2011


Welcome to Planet SARK!

Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy (aka SARK) is an artist with over a dozen books about life, love, children and art.  She has an honest to gosh magic cottage and has aspired to what most of us strive our whole lives to become in our art. Susan and her talent are both accepted and celebrated by many.

I found Susan today.  Yes only today.  Better late than never I do say!  Her fun words, videos and web site were worth the trip to get to know her, see her work and share in her enthusiasm for life.

Check out her books and other stuff at

Books Include...


Monday, February 7, 2011

Who Are You Thinking About?

Simply Pretty Stuff For Valentine's Day

What a wonderful way to share your sentiments on this upcoming holiday. I have a few special people who will love these! I had the most fun in the studio surrounding these cards with silver and adding a swarovski or two on the hanger.