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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chris and Joanna

What A Couple!

Chris and Joanna are a great couple.  Definitely shoe worthy, eh??? (see earlier post)

1-2-3 ACC

Artist and sassy friend, Jennifer Novak, was struttin' her stuff at the ACC conference in Baltimore, MD this weekend.  Serendipity or the grand plan?  What an amazing opportunity for Jen!!!  Her coveted pieces are most likely all will be a busy March for her in the Studio!!  YAY Jen!
Check her out.......................

Saturday, February 27, 2010

All About The Shoes!

I betcha I have a Gigabyte of memory spent on shoe pictures from shutterbugging around New York and London's most famous and fabulous store windows....

OK, I do like shoes.  I like to look at them, study them, contemplate them .....their architecture, color and texture.  What can I say, except that its all about the shoes! 

On a day to day basis, there is nothing better than comfy toes and arches, but I will rise to the occasion to poise the perfect pump (ha, a pun).

This particular pair will be the oh, so special toe tappers that I will wear in September, yes, September, when a most wonderful woman is marrying our most wonderful son.  They will carry me through....... and into the dancing part of that special day.  Shoe expectations!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Simply Pretty Glitter

Today, I must glitter.  As a fabulous designer, you must plan your work and indubitably have at the glitter.  These are still some of my simply pretty treasured glitters...say, oh, from a few decades ago!!  I love the price too, don't you?  Go ahead and perfect on a blustery cold and windy day in PA!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

"We Will Always Have Paris"

There is a paper goddess who raises kids, creates magnificant designs, reviews the latest and greatest
stuff out there for paper artists everywhere, and organizes retreats and conferences for anyone who wants to learn new things, share, and have fun.  Most glad that the Paper Goddess noted my StoryPeople charm work on her blogspot in June.  This piece was designed with Paris in mind!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Designs For Ellie's

Ready to ship....these are some of the beautiful new designs just made for a FABULOUS woman's boutique called Ellie's in Hilton Head, South Carolina.  If visiting South Beach Marina in Sea Pines Plantation, stop by to see her new spring stash and my fun necklaces!

February Sunshine

Well, the snow is still white and above the knee in the back yard but a bit more crunchy.  It has been a sunny February compared to most and the sun on the snow means sunglasses with UV protection for sure!!  The wildlife seem back to a normal pace, making appearances at their usual mealtimes for seeds.  Mamma and Pappa cardinal are a beautiful pair.  I rather fancy his plume....

Friday, February 19, 2010

Another Artisan Joins The Harvest to Holiday Show Team

Emily Shoey has been a potter for longer than she can remember.  Working exclusively with Terra Cotta now, she uses a garden theme and vibrant colors in her work.  Emily is teaches both pottery classes and painting techniques in Adams County, PA.  You might see her at a local garden show, or at an Arts Council event, or in any one of the YMCA's yoga classes.  She is a busy woman and we welcome her to the group of talented artisans who will be displaying and selling their work in November at the Harvest to Holiday Show in Hanover, PA.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fairy Wings and Pixie Dust

I never was one of those folks who drew fairy pictures in their sketchpads or believed in fairy princesses or similar such things.  However, lots of fun can be had with the idea when you are talking jewelry.  If saw dust or glitter were magic, I would be a real pixie contender, since most of my work area floor is covered in this (yep, you guessed it) ...simply pretty pixie dust stuff!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Design Design Design

 A busy day in the design studio today once again.  Lots to do, as before you know it, Christmas will be coming 'round again.....ah ha, yep, Christmas!!

It was a nice weekend and Valentine's Day here for Greg and I.  How about you?  We puttered around and did begin tackling those dreaded income tax piles.  Although that was NOT considered, by any stretch of the imagination, a romantic activity, we did have a great dinner out the night before at our favorite local pub. 

Even though Bon Bons were not on the list this year, we sat sipping some homemade hot cocoa tonight.  Mmmmm, the real deal!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day
To The World!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jury Day

New Artisan Additions to the Harvest to Holiday Show at the Warehime~Myers Mansion

Today was jury day for watercolor artist Bobbi Becker and potter Lori Fritsch.  Bobbi is a full time artist from New Oxford, PA and Lori is and elecrical engineer from Woodbine, MD, developing her pottery line when she has free time.  Both wonderful girls with quite a talent for their art.

Everyone arrived at my house around 10 AM for some sweet and not so sweet cookies, and hot brew.
Both artists brought some nice pieces and discussed their art endeavors. 

Unanimously, the gals were voted in......yay!  They will add wonderful things to this year's holiday show in Hanover.   Mark your calendars for  the Harvest to Holiday Show through Nov 4th, 5th, and 6th, at the Warehime~Myers Mansion on Baltimore Street in Hanover, PA.



Take a break and go to

for some simply pretty shopping!

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Most Popular Guy In Town
When The Snow Is Piled High Is ...
The Man With A Front Loader Tractor!

Second day of snow blowing and digging out finds my arms a bit sore and the back a lot sore.

When we woke today we heard that wonderful tractor backing up sound out front.  Our neighbor Dave Herrick to the rescue.  

The mailbox and driveway had been plowed over by the road crew attempting to clear some street yesterday.  I was there, watching and flailing my arms.  But alas, they piled and piled and piled it up and over our driveway.... before moving onto the next street. Sigh.  

Greg and I dug through the wall of snow to the street for the second time since Saturday, but were too pooped to finish the rest of the job.  Oh well.  Good food and drink were really needed!!

Neighbor Dave finally came home late yesterday afternoon ( after two days on the road working the tractor in parking lots and the like) and had to plow a few more folks and his own very long and windy driveway clear.  By this morning, he was back at it, helping us on the way to a few more jobs.  I just made Dave a big ole pie!!

OK, now credits should lovingly be given to Gregory and the snowblower, as without them, I would be seven more days shoveling!
Oh what fun anyway!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day, My Gosh, This Weekend!

With all of the 48 or so inches of snow landing in this neck of the woods, I almost forgot!!! Valentine's Day is on the way!  In Cupid's honor, I created this sweet one inch by one and a quarter inch pin.  It was an old postcard from my good friend and mother ~ in ~ law.  She's always looking out for those special ideas and finds!  What do you think?  Just click on the picture if you want one of your own................there are just a few of these simply pretty pins.

Need more be said? 

The ditch out yonder WAS the path out the front door to the walkway.  It was snowblowed yesterday and now is just about waist high.  Geesh.  Eating more cookies, anticipating the burn come tomorrow digging out!!

Hear Ye Hear Ye!!
Still Snowed In Here!

I got carried away with spring fever and made a few more Easter Chick pins.  (Scroll down a couple of posts to see one).  If you click on that picture, you can go to my shop and get one for yourself!! 

And so ahhh, will we ever thaw out?  Last night and today we got over a foot more of snow to add to our previous 2 feet!!  We are now on "emergency heat" as our heat pump is completely snowed under and inoperable in its current situation.......and, yes, the US postal service gets another day off...........

Later, I plan on baking really, really, really healthy cookies, providing we still  have power  (its been a flicker'n).  There is less guilt associated with eating all the cookies when they are really, really, really healthy. I will save one or two for my brave husband who came through the storm, driving from Virginia last night, and a couple for my dear friend and neighbor, Kim, who gave me a secret ingredient for this batch.  So, less guilt, not actually eating every single one of them!

above left is our deck the little fence rail is 3 feet.  what is on the feeder is our new accumulation

on a covered front porch....some kitty is not happy with this situation

  Greg in our front yard digging a trench!

I will be designing some vintage jewelry pieces for Ellie's in South Carolina today.  Then let the cookie gluttony begin!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Looking For Crumbs

Baby its cold outside and no one seems to mind the cats at the window today during all this food for fuel exchange going on.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Ready for Spring????

Sure south central PA is ready for spring although it is not coming soon enough for all us under the white stuff here.  Tomorrow another storm is on its way threatening 12 to18 additional inches of the white stuff on top of last weeks dump.  sigh.
Just had to get a cheery design out.  Check out this adorable Easter....yes, Easter pin!!  I just love the little beads that hang on the bottom.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Put On Your Girlie Britches!

This is so Fab and of course, some real Simply Pretty Stuff !

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Some new items hot off the press at Simply Pretty Stuff.

A French letter paired with a broken china cup

Hanging Out

Good food, good friends....sistas in fact.  Jenster, Suzie and Carol Q getting a blog on.....
I was honored to recieve one of dear Jen's copper hearts!! Have the perfect chain to go with it.  Soooo Simply Pretty! It was a  great way to warm a cold winter's nite.


Diggin' Out

Okay folks.  We are back and were sure glad relaxing was done while we were in that balmy 60 degree south, as digging out from under the 24" plus began promptly this morning at home!! Burrrrrr!  Baltimore, DC, and Philadelphia registered somewhere between 24" and 30" as well.  Did I say WOW?