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Saturday, February 27, 2010

All About The Shoes!

I betcha I have a Gigabyte of memory spent on shoe pictures from shutterbugging around New York and London's most famous and fabulous store windows....

OK, I do like shoes.  I like to look at them, study them, contemplate them .....their architecture, color and texture.  What can I say, except that its all about the shoes! 

On a day to day basis, there is nothing better than comfy toes and arches, but I will rise to the occasion to poise the perfect pump (ha, a pun).

This particular pair will be the oh, so special toe tappers that I will wear in September, yes, September, when a most wonderful woman is marrying our most wonderful son.  They will carry me through....... and into the dancing part of that special day.  Shoe expectations!


Sabra said...

They ARE beautiful! [You will plan to wear them a few times prior to that special day in September, though, so that they are broken in enough to really "get down" in, won't you?]

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