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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Proud To Be A Part of LARK's Publication: Showcase 500 Art Necklaces 2013

Things Near And Dear

I will say that so far this year, I have been humbled at the interest shown by publishers regarding my work.  It has been a learning experience and a joy to be able to share what I do.

More importantly, though, I am grateful for those wonderful new friends that I have made while navigating on this artful journey. It is to them that I give thanks and know that we celebrate life and art together.

Most of us are driven by a sort of whisper deep inside our brains... and our hearts.  It calls our name, wakes us up at night, and challenges us to do more... do better.  It helps us deliver our passion, whatever that might be.   

My little whisper calls me to continually move forward, keep learning and to make some kind of difference, as each and every day begins.  To do this, I must choose to take the hands of others who would guide me.  In turn, so must I give my hand to many others to do the same.  The small and like whispers of each and every one then make the most difference, as one beautiful and inspiring

This is why I teach. 

To preview LARK's publication, due to come out in July, click here: 

S.W.A.R.M. hosts Shotgun Shell Design and Wearable Mini Journals

The First Ever S.W.A.R.M. Event
Happening in Western PA's Own Backyard!
(Society of Working Artists Retreats and Meet-ups)
Postponed! Allegory Gallery's New Location and Updates To Be Announced

In the hills and valleys of western PA there is a terrific little town called Ligonier.  They have a town circle complete with gazebo, a historic fort, a real ( man made) beach, and very many wonderful art boutiques, little personally owned businesses, and quaint B&B's.  

It is a perfect weekend drive for many and a wonderful new place to explore, if you are looking for creative splendor.  The nature found in the valley, and the art scape of this perfect little village make it definitely a destination place.

Heading a block east, out of the town circle is an amazing new creative art and bead store, called Allegory Gallery.  There you will find tons and tons of buttons, beads and jewelry findings and a fabulous host and store owner, Andrew Thornton. 

I met Andrew and partner,Will Jones, at Allegory Gallery last year, while at a venue hosting Gail Grossman-Moore.  What a fun and exciting two days we all had!

Andrew and Will encourage local as well as distant artists to come to Ligonier to teach, and they have posted a complete calendar of events on the store's web page.  What a wonderful meet up opportunity for everyone wanting to further explore creative mixed media.  Here is a newspaper piece about a recent event held at the store 

This April 6th and 7th, I will be honored to teach at one such event.  It will be the first of many S.W.A.R.M. events that will occur in the Ligonier Valley.  How exciting is that?

Please join me in two days of workshops, learning how to incorporate and recycle shotgun shells into chic jewelry, and how to make a fully functional and dimensional mini journal for around your neck!  To read more and to register for one class or a weekend pass, go to:


Friday, February 22, 2013

Studio Kiln Time

Ou-La-La Kiln!!! 

Okay, I have my own special kiln now and don't have to bug my good friend, and fellow artist, Jean Van Brederode every other day!!  hehehe  Actually, I bought my kiln from Jean, a Paragon distributor!  We had the had a inagural day with My SC2 and oh what fun!

These are two of my very first projects using my brand new tool! Awesome day to play indoors with a hot fire in the stove and the kiln turned on, while the freezing rain spit outside.

enameled book pendant

For a special new mom!

After the thrill of the enamel, I finished up a few little projects waiting in the wingFor one, there is a pile of StoryPeople charms that I designed for Brian Andreas a few years back.  (think some are still posted on his website.)  Even though these were the odd and flawed pieces, I could not melt them down.  I keep them in a little cup, and occasionaly use them in a few special pieces that I wear myself, or give to someone special.  This particular little book pendant will find its way to sunny Florida, in a day or two, intended for a certain art sista friend of moi.   Oh what fun!!

Florida Bound!

The ring shank is a piece from the Industrial Chic line by Susan Lenart Kazmer. I filled it with a few BB's, some rhinestones and a few copper shavings, then covered it with Susan's Ice Resin, of course.  I love this ring!  Keeping this lov-a-lee.

My Industrial Chic Ring


Monday, February 11, 2013

New Leather Bracelets With Shotgun Shell Bezels

Simple But Stylish Bracelets

I am partial to red, so this grouping is particularly appealing to me.  Workshops for this style Bravado Bracelet 1 are being offered in May, in NYC, at the Little Bird's Creations Studio
and at the Adam's County Arts Council Education Center, in Gettysburg PA.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Johnson's Steel Rule Die Company

Wood Recycled Into Artist's Table Tops!

Friend and local Hanover business man, Mike Johnson owns a Steel Rule Die Company.  On occasion, he disposes of wood that is no longer used in his shop.  I was lucky enough to bring some home.  After sawing, staining, sealing and hanging, I now have very beautiful recycled wooden table tops in my studio.  Thank You Mike for supporting local art and artists!


Filling Free Form Wire With Color

Yesterday was just one of those days when I decided that I absolutely needed to indulge my inner child despite the ever growing "to do" list. 

I remember squiggling lines onto paper at the kitchen table when I was 4 years old.  When I was done with the line design, I opened my box of neatly arranged crayons and began the awesome task of coloring in the loops and spaces.  

Well, now all grown up, I substituted my pencil with hammered wire, and crayons with perfect pearls and resin.   Ahhh.  Line Design Pendants!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Art Is You... Stamford, CT

Workshop Treasures Coming to Art Is You
October 10th - 13th

I am so thrilled to be teaching these two fabulous workshops at Art Is You in Stamford, CT this year!
These projects are without solder for a change.  Creative mixed media means just that.....creative!  So join me, won't you?  I promise terrific projects will be completed by all!!  See you there. For more information, just click on the title links below. xo