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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jean Van Brederode's Nesting InStiNcts

A Day At The Charmed I'm Sure Studio

Just a smige north of the PA turnpike, between Carlisle and Harrisburg, is the Charmed I'm Sure studio of enamel artist, Jean Van Brederode.  Jean is well known in her circle, a wonderful artist and teacher who adds love and knowledge to the mix when it comes to copper anything!  What I found most exciting and attractive were her nested bird egg necklaces.

Jean and I met at the most recent Art & Soul retreat in Virgina and I loved  her style and enthusiasm for teaching.  I had also heard from some of her students who had taken Jean's workshop about how terrific she was in the classroom.

I finally was able to sneak away to visit Jean and when I got there, could not stop oogling her tools as well as her setting.  There was a pond with tadpoles, lots of birds and birdfeeders, and the calming wooded backdrop.  I could have stayed for days at her studio sanctuary.....

While I visited, Jean was gracious enough to show me the down and dirty of copper enameling.  I was able to make a bird's nest necklace for my mother in law and cannot wait till she see's it.  Of course, I also had to buy one of Jean's treasures for my own.  Just love these, don't your?


Monday, March 26, 2012

Saving A Bit of Spring Time

Tulips Clipped

Brrrrr.  The temps will be back down to freezing tonight....or lower, after an early warm spring.  We enjoyed our early blooms here in South Central PA , but know the thermometer dip to freezing may threaten those tender plants, since they are not frost hearty.  We enjoyed the first asparagus pick this evening and clipped a few of my most favorite colored tulips.
 Getting under that woolen quilt at least one more time this year!!


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Jeanne Elmer in the Spotlight

Gorgeous 3-D Charms by Jeanne Elmer!

Fellow soldering artist, Jeanne, had some of her beautiful charms at the Virginia Beach, Art & Soul venue a few weeks back.  I wanted to share a picture of the ones I bought!!  We share similar technique, but styles are a bit different.  I just loved Jeanne too.  When you can, check out her website at:


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ethelreda Miller Touching Lives

Brilliant and Beautiful
Is How I Will Remember Her

Late Tuesday night, she left her mother earth, quietly passing, leaving us on the gentle slight wind of the night air. 
I will miss this vibrant, wonderful woman, a creative soul.  I am so lucky to have known her, and through her, found pieces of a missing past that would make me whole again.  For that, and for the hours of thoughtful conversation on our journey, I will always remember ...and be grateful that she was part of my life.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

salt shaker chic

Transformed Salt Shakers

Those who know me, know I horde a few things.  Not everything, oh no!  I just collect special old, forgotten items that would fit into the palm of your hand, old books, bottles and a few sparkly things.  

I have a shelf that displays medicine and bitters bottles, salt shakers, perfume, and canning jars with the zinc lids.  Our son and his wife carry on the collecting tradition, since he was the one who brought me my first broken bits of jars and bottles from an old farmer's pit in our back yard when he was just a boy.   

Here are a few new life pieces...  A salt shaker that now holds blue shimmer and a brass hinged creamer with a few old spigot parts and queeny girl necklace.  A couple of fee spaces now on the shelf for newcomers.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Classes Offered In Gettysburg, PA

April Classes Held At Wentz's Glass Studio

I will be again offering my three hour flat charm and 3-D charm class on April 11th, 10 AM until 1 PM in the classroom at Wentz Stained Glass, 
48 York Street, Gettysburg, PA

I would love to see you there! Learn how to cut glass, polish, use beveled glass, put together and solder charms to dangle from your favorite necklace or bracelet.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bits and Pieces From Art & Soul Vendor Stash!

Shopping Night At Art & Soul

Who could pass up these irrisistable resistors?  They will make the perfect piece....of something!  Kari McKnight's 

store was full of surprises and cool doodads.  I found a few wonderful things offered when I was able to sneak away from my own table for a bit.  Vendor night was the icing on the creative cake last weekend.

Christine Atkins creates these beautiful pieces from nature.  I just had to have this one!



Sunday, March 4, 2012

For the Love of Art And Life: Art & SOul

Artists Inspire and Awe 
Share and Support 
At Art & SOul

So many happy faces, so many new friends, and such creativity found this year at Art & Soul.  This has been a much needed retreat to rejuvenate instructors as they swap stories, laugh out loud, and celebrate art and life.

As well, the this retreat honors students who seek mentorship, learning, and new skills to take back to home and studio to create some magic of their own.

For myself, I found some of the most amazing women.... artists from my own back yard!  Looking so forward to sharing our art filled lives soon. How lucky and so very timely for me.

 I was moved, honored and thrilled to find such support and comradery from not only local colleagues, but from the Aussie gals, an ocean away!  I know you met them on the Art & SOul blog hop.  Visit Christine Atkins and Jen Crossley to see what beautiful things they create and what they are up to.  Learn how to create shadow boxes, bracelets, rivets and rings with cold connections by signing up for their future US events like Art & Soul in Portland this fall,

Be sure to also check out Jean VanBrederode,  and Erin Keck, both from PA to see Jean's amazing copper enameling and Erin's renowned metal journals and geared assemblage.

See some of the free spirits and gorgeous art pieces found around today!

Christine Atkins

Jen Crossley and Christine Atkins

Erin Keck and Jen Crossley

deborah petronio

sample creations

Marie Kennedy, second row:  Jen Crossley, Glenny Moir, Christine Atkins

sample bracelet pre construct

let's wig out class!



Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tiaras Tiaras

Whatever Moves You Tiaras

Ok, since I mentioned Charlotte's crowned jewels, I thought I'd better share mine.  Here are a few styles for whatever moves you.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Salt Shaker Charlotte Arrives At Art And Soul

Traveling Charlotte

The time has arrived and the Art and Soul retreat is here!  Good friend Kim and man in charge, Newton are keeping house while I'm away!  Tucked safely in her gem box is this little sweetie who has traveled along to show off her stuff.   Her tiara is nicer than mine! 
Can you spot the shotgun shell bezel?  ; )
Hoping to have lots of fun and meet up with some of those gals I have been blogging about!!