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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Art~Is~You Retreat, Stamford 2014, Bringing Together Best Friends Forever

Art Is You Retreat 2014
Stamford, CT
Bring Together Best Friends Forever...

For the past few years, I have been so excited to attend, teach and vend at a most beloved art retreat in New England.  Year after year I have been both amazed and humbled at the magical things that happen there.  

I have experienced wonderful students, fabulous teachers, and made the best friends in Stamford, each and every year.  I have witnessed a million hugs, a few tears, lots of giving, and contagious laughter.  From morning till night, stuff happens.....lots and lots and lots of stuff.....that makes us all grow as artists, gives us strength, and makes each and every one of us very, very happy to attend.

My Sacred Journal Of Reflections Workshop

My Twinkly Love Affaire With Words Workshop

This year, I had taught two classes, taken two classes, and vended.  I was there for five days, but it was over in a blink.  Already missing my art sisters and brothers and cannot wait to meet them once again next year.

Here is a blip of my photo highlights.  You can see lots more on the Art Is You Retreat on Facebook 

AIY Photo Snippets 
From The Heart

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Simply Pretty Stuff Coin Cuffs Using Amazing Crafting Products

Coin Cuffs Using Amazing Crafting Products

Here is an inspirational share (and a few quick "how-to's"), using Amazing Mold Putty, Amazing Casting Resin, Alumilite Dyes and Metallic Powders, my drill and punch! 

I enjoy making bracelets and prefer the recycled belt types. For this project, I used an old canvas belt, come snaps, coins of various sizes, and Amazing Crafting Products.

I molded the coins, then brushed Bronze (and I did a few with Gun Metal) Alumilite Metallic Powder, on the inside and filled with Amazing Casting Resin colored with Alumilite Black Dye.

The Amazing Casting Resin is really so very easy to either drill or punch and make holes for either jump rings or thread. Just be sure to first create a divot with a hammer and metal punch. Then make your holes. I used a 1.8mm sized hole punch and a 1/16" drill bit and a Dremel.

Punch a divot.

Use a drill. 

Use a mechanical punch.

After making the holes, I used some thread to attach each piece to the bracelet. 

Easy Peasy!
What items would you mold/cast
to adorn your custom jewelry?

Please share what you make with Amazing Crafting Products
on our website in the User Gallery.

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

An Art Notebook Plate Using Amazing Crafting Products And A Stencil

An Art Notebook Plate Using Amazing Crafting Products And A Stencil

by Lynne Suprock

I am soon off to teach at a beloved art retreat this fall in Stamford, CT.  There is always much to pack and prepare for any of the "on the road" venues.  It behooves one to begin weeks ahead as to not fall into a "tizzy."  Well, good for me, I am a ducks in a row type art girl.  I will make the lists and check once, twice, and three times! And with time left over, will also come up with a few last minute project or surprises.

This year besides the necessary instructional materials and kits, part of my packing will include a few beloved art trades and other fun things, such as this awesome art notebook. Let me share a quick tutorial on how to make one of your own.   :-)

I will be using Amazing Mold Putty, Amazing Casting Resin (fast setting kind), and Alumilite Fluorescent "FLO" Green and Yellow Dyes from Amazing Crafting Products.

Please enjoy this video tutorial... An Art Notebook Plate

using Amazing Crafting Products and a Stencil.

Trouble viewing the video???

Please CLICK HERE to jump and view on YouTube.

The book will be perfect for jotting down product info and people connecting info while at the Art Is You Retreat. I hope to see you there next week in Stamford, CT.

How would embellish your notebooks

using Amazing Crafting Products?

I look would love if you would leave a comment below to let us know how this technique works for you! Please share what you make with Amazing Crafting Products on our website in the User Gallery.

CLICK HERE to view my upcoming workshop schedule where you can join me in person.

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