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Monday, September 24, 2012

Jewelry Affaire Magazine

Recycle, Upcycle and Turn It All Around!

Its almost time for the next issue of Jewelry Affaire Magazine to hit the stands.  Some of my art friends are published in this issue.  Also seen are a few pieces of my own.   I had been receiving beautiful bottles from friends and family and always welcome making art with those.  As well, I was inspired by junk mail several months back and you'll have to grab a copy of this issue to find out how that turned out!  I am also taking a bit of time to enjoy this perfect fall weather here in PA.  Ahhh. Basking in the fall sunshine with a copy of Jewelry Affaire on my lap!   ; )



Art and Soul Retreat 2013!

 Art & Soul
Virginia Beach, VA
April 24-28, 2013
The Enamel Book Pendant Workshop

and sign up for our VA-213
On Thursday April 25th, 2013


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Recycled Decorative Glass Bottles


I can't help myself when it comes to hinging glass.  I LOVE it!  Nothing like recycling lots of stuff to adorn these bottles as well.  These are quite the lov-a-lees! Let me know if you like!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Gail Crosman Moore Workshop At Allegory Gallery

Enamel Rainbows!

It was a week visiting family, and the weekend allowed some time to recharge my art bank with a bit of torch enameling demonstrated by artist Gail Crosman Moore, at the very cool Allegory Gallery in Ligonier, PA.
New friends, new opportunities.... loved it, and loved Will and Andrew's terrific hospitality.  We all left with fabulous enamel work PLUS gift bags from local shoppes and businesses!  How wonderful was that?!

oops.  enameling doesn't work with these shotgun shells......

but look at my collection of other torch fired pieces!

Allegory Gallery storefront full of goodies!

Andrew caught gift giving .....yay!

Gail, after a great torching class

Viva la art girlz!

Will and Andrew!

A Very Special And Much Needed East Coast Vacation

Hilton Head, South Carolina

This has been a favorite place to vacation for about 25 years.  We don't get there every year, and we don't get there always in the summer.  However, whenever we do get to South Carolina, laptops sleep, all phones get lost, and sunsets and an ocean erases all our troubles and cares.
This summer, the husband and I went alone.  We had not been on a simple vacation alone for several years.  We love being with family, but sometimes it is nice to just have the place to ourselves.  This year, we were grateful for our in laws for making possible a beautiful and wonderful week.  
These are some of my favorite pictures of this summer at the shore, for one reason or another.  Enjoy!

I jumped out of the car in North Carolina to pluck this piece of pure cotton right out of the field!

a hitch-hiker on the car roof!  We delivered him safely to a local bush.

Highway before a Starbuck's

Highway after  Starbuck's!

Reflections at a lunch cafe in Savannah.

One of my favorite places on Earth!

These are why!

The Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake along the roadside.  So never jump out of the car anymore to pick cotton.....

Here, local kitty, kitty, kitty, you aloof kitty, kitty!

Our Favorite restaurant in Wexford Plaza, Hilton Head.  Love the food and that Bob Masteller playing his sax!

Bayside view at the Skull Creek


A Girl's Gotta Have What A Girl's Gotta Have

A long time ago, I had thought, " Hmm, if I could only have a dedicated work space, in one room, instead of scattered between basement and the other floors of my house, I would be ecstatic!"  
Not that long ago, I thought, "Hmm, if I only had a dedicated studio, that I could close the door to the world and work for hours on end on my designs."
Just this summer I thought, " Hmm, I need more tables, drawers, tools and lighting....better lighting and things would be perfect."
OK.  There is no end to this adding to the inventory, expanding the floor space and outgrowing all available table tops!  This summer, the second worktable went in the "tool room" and it was bliss  : )
Thank you my carpenter on demand husband.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

CJS: Born From Legend.....

A Jewelry Icon

During this last NYC visit, I was honored to meet a jewelry manufacturing legacy, Carl Schimel.  Carl had over 60 years in the business that began with selling jewelry in the Village when he was only 16 years old.

He and brother Marty became jewelry manufacturing icons during the 1960's, operating 8 floors dedicated to designing some unique pieces and created quite a buzz for their products.

Today, Carl and daughter, Elyse, sell a tremendous amount of close out beads and findings to top notch wholesalers around the world.  

I was amazed at their inventory and could identify with their passion for design.  I felt like I was very much at home and like a little girl who woke up in a castle among beautiful jewelry bits and pieces!

Carl was recently honored to speak at
The Association for the Study of Jewelry & Related Arts’ seventh annual fall conference will take place Sunday, Oct/ 7, 2012 in New York City at a private club in midtown Manhattan.

Simply Pretty Stuff at The Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC

Little Wearable Pendants 

I absolutely love my time in NYC when I am fortunate enough to get away from the studio for a bit.  
After meeting with a few of the folks from the School of Continuing and Professional Studies at FIT during this visit, I was honored to be asked to teach a workshop on one of my styles of little wearable book pendants in 2013! (stay tuned for dates coming up in MAY)

This recent trip also finds me at my most favorite window display yet at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and this time I was dressed in full Barbie fashion regalia.  Love this! My friend and fabric artist, Cheri Cline, made this wonderful apron for moi!
Check out all these Barbie Fashionistas!

Friend and FIT instructor, Isolina Perez, ALSO surprised me with this macho Ken doll.  He just moved into my Barbie Townhouse and has adjusted quite nicely to urban life.....Love this too!  Thank you Isolina!


Friday, September 7, 2012

Backyard Bliss

Nature's Oasis Down Time

This has been one hectic summer for both hubby and I.  The most important moments for recharging were spend pond side this year.  Lunch breaks, tea time and the evening barbeques......
We love the bliss and wildlife that surrounds our home, as this is a special place we enjoy.  Oh, and the kitties enjoy watching those chipmunks who do visit routinely.