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Monday, August 30, 2010

The Shops In Frederick

Shops In Frederick, MD Are Worth The Trip

Aside from my vending at the marvelous Summer In Paris Retreat (organized by the fabulous Korie B),

I had the most fun shopping with girlfriend Carol and bringing home bags of new found treasures. I alluded to all this fun in a recent post and had promised to fill in some of those retail details.

Driving through Frederick, MD, on the way
to Harper's Ferry, WV, girlfriends just have to stop!  Lot's has happened to improve this community over the past several years and the town is alive with art and culinary pleasures.  I love Market Street and always look forward to stopping in some of the most chic shops, that just seem to scream "welcome girlfriends everywhere."

Our first stop is Molly's Meanderings.  Oh, how I love the hat's there.  One can also find a large selection of Pandora and Brighton jewelry, fashion clothes and home decor there.

A few steps out the door takes you next door to The Muse. Owner Whitney Bingham is on top of her game with all the local and tri state artists.  My Pennsylvania girlfriends just love Whitney. The Muse carries the most unique and beautiful jewelry, hair accessories, clothing and home decor.  I love the shoes and am partial to some of her metal artists wonderful work.  Whitney schedules some of those very artists to hold classes, so be sure to check out her listings.   I just had to have this hair clip created by Poppy Chic.

After all that musing around (he he),  we found ourselves in the Simply Beautiful Boutique.  Owner Beth Pumphrey arranges the flowers in the shop herself.  Beth carries Vera Bradley and Lilly Pulitzer and just "simply beautiful" things!

A more recent addition to Frederick's shabby and certainly chic retail is a store called Tiara Day.  Yes, real tiaras can be found there.  Honest to gosh, real tiaras! Owner Maria Peck has the best sense of wonderful ephemeral feminine chic for sure.  Her store is filled with a surprise at every turn, all staged in a bright spacious SoHo style warehouse look.  White washed brick showcase chandeliers, chandeliers, chandeliers and give definite character to the lovely vintage dressforms, perfume  bottle jewelry and literary pieces.  I just had to have some of these knobs for my own studio!

Viva la chic!
Charms Sold, Friends Made, Book Binding Learned

In the end, a very successful vendor show for Simply Pretty Stuff at the Summer in Paris Retreat.  I made lots of new friends who are also now customers!!  Check out these wonderful women and take a peek at the book binding by Carol Novak and moi, of course!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ah yes, the Summer In Paris Retreat has arrived...

Shop, Crop, Drop

A couple posts back I blogged about buttons found in New England, just a hop, skip, and ten hours away from home.  Today was the second day for the Summer In Paris retreat in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.  Well, guess who found some more buttons?  And so many other wonderful discoveries..........

But before I show and tell all, let me say there was great pre conference shopping (particular shops I will certainly blog about later) and a delightful tea at the Hillbrook Inn.  Tea was the perfect thing in August, as fall begins to round the corner for another season.  Seven guests, all attending the conference, conversed, laughed, ate, and began a very special kinship around a single table at the Inn.

Quaint and charming, nestled at the foothills of the Shenandoah Mountains, sits the Historic Hillbrook Inn.  Absolutely the best high tea ever taken.  This epiphany offered by moi, who had sipped Twinings with the Brits in London town many times.  Truely a worthwhile visit in an awesome setting, boasting a wonderfully tasty menu.

Now, I am new to the women of cropping and scrapbooking, but am connected at the hip with their energy and passion.  I never knew there existed entire groups of these paper, scissors, and ribbon loving women working until midnight on their ideas, sharing stories, supplies and spirit all in one place, creatively inspired.  I was so honored to be among them tonight, sharing my stories too and displaying my charms.  For a closer look at the venue check out this link. 

Many thanks to these wonderful women who bought a few.  How fabulous was that?



Simply Pretty Stuff merchandise displayed!

Mario Suprock

"Mom, I Bought The Perfect Car To Modify..."

...into a race car.  Curious if any mom out there has ever heard this uncomfortable proclamation?  How about any moms of engineers particularly? The quarter century mark in birthdays have welcomed this young fellow to a place where he exercises the freedom to invent, design and engineer, or re~engineer, a multitude of items in triumph.  The latest project involved stripping down a limited edition vroom vroom as to modify each and every piston to conquer light speed and worry this mother into absolute a prilosec frenzy.  sigh.  Of course, where would any of us be without friends?  His to provide garage space and assistance and mine to provide empathy and distraction from worry.

Some pictures of the son and his newest hobby.  See the glee behind those gaskets?

I am thinking gasket charms............

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Buttons, Buttons, Who's Got The Buttons?

Bold Buttons

These gems were a great find in New England.  Vintage and new...all are just waiting to become a special piece on a bracelet or a necklace.  I can't wait!

Monday, August 16, 2010

New Items At Foxxy Moxxy Boutique!

 Ephemeral Pieces To Adorn Bottles and Notebooks

Inspired by Dover Publication images, I purchased their vintage ladies collection and went to town!  Loved filling the heads of young woman......   ; ) with creative style!

Carol Novak will use them in her vintage bottle and notebook designs on display at Foxxy Moxxy, a Gettysburg Boutique.   Check out their blog.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

StoryPeople Prototypes On Their Way!!

The Peach Pie
Is Missing!

Uh oh!  I guess I did not pay close attention to the amount of this perfect peach pie that was eaten whilst working.  Burned a lot of brain energy designing in the past few days.  Needed lots of pie.    

Seven wonderful ornaments are finally on their way to Brian Andreas and StoryPeople out Iowa way.  Hoping he loves them just as much as I do.  Brian's stories touch all our hearts in some way.  How wonderful to have them in time for the holidays!  Get ready for their unveiling this season, then order early.  Sign up to be in the loop at and for more information.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

StoryPeople Ornaments

Its That Time Again!!

Christmas in July....and in August ....begin again here in the studio.  I am working on this season's StoryPeople Christmas ornaments and looking to create a beautiful six this year!  Take a look at past  love~a~lees. 
Check out their other stuff at  especially the charms, also designed by moi.  ; )