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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

How To Solder A Jump Ring To Any Charm: Art Project Tutorial 11, by Lynne Suprock

How To Solder A Jump Ring To Any Charm: Art Project Tutorial 11

by Lynne Suprock

I've been soldering for more than a dozen years, beginning with making stained glass pieces.  At first I took a class just to have fun and releive some of the stress from a clinical day spent with my students on a critical care unit. After the first class, however, I was hooked.  Combining the beautiful glass colors with the magic of molten metal was fascinating and satisfying.  It became a regular part of my mixed media creating.  Charms are lots of fun to create!

Today, I want to share how to get that pesky jump ring onto that gorgeous charm you've created.  It goes without saying that practice practice, practice makes almost don't give up after a few tries.  Keep practicing.  Hopefully a few tips and this close up video will help a bit.

What you will need is spelled out in the video.  Just know that you do not have to use the same products shown.  For instance, there are many flux brands and cleaner brands out there.  You will find whatever things work for you in your practice. I do use my own jig A LOT so I put up the link in case you would want one too.  They are adjustable and eliminate the need for a third hand device, which never worked very well for me, anyway.  The jigs also are great for securing rings with empty bezels to pour level resin!  

Click on the link below for the 4 minute tutorial video.  Feel free to like and subscribe for more free tutorials on my YouTube Channel, as well. xo

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