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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ring Of Resin Pendants

Ring Of Resin Pendants

Hello fellow crafters and art chix!  Lynne here today with a few of my favorite and fun pieces of hardware inspired jewelry using Amazing Casting Products

On any given day that I might need birdseed or plant food,  I will take some extra time to stroll through those hardware store aisles, looking for potential creative props or parts for my next project. Today, I found some of these.....

And made some of these......

Of course, I used all of these Amazing Casting Products to create the combos in these funky and colorful pendants.....

I mixed half of the pendant molds with clear resin and let dry.  Then came back and added a bit of colored resin or a few colored dots of resin and let dry.  It took a bit of dry time to achieve the layered look, but I love how it turned out.  In the end, I drilled some holes and added the beads and chain.

What can you do with your Amazing Casting Products and a few parts from the hardware store?