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Monday, December 30, 2019

Kids Art As Charms, by Lynne Suprock

Kids Art As Charms
By Lynne Suprock

Our eldest grandson will soon turn seven.  This is an in between age, where play takes on goal oriented purpose and give those around can a sneak a peek at what sparks imagination and excitement.

Our little guy loves art projects and has become quite attentive to detail and color.  I was gifted a beautiful piece of scratch art recently, and, of course, thought it was the quite a beautiful piece of his creative art.

Since I love charm making and shrinking family pictures, pets or..... yes, even grandchild art, I thought that I would make myself a bracelet out of my gift.  I added beads make using Apoxie Sculpt and a special paint process.  A few buttons and sparkle and voila, nicely finished. 


For soldering jigs, perfect for hands free charm soldering, go to: 

Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Little White Dress, Art Tutorial 23, by Lynne Suprock

The Little White Dress
Art Tutorial 23

By Lynne Suprock

I have in my closet, two little black dresses that I adore.  So simple but elegant.  The legacy of all little black dresses, yes?

Well, today I decided that white would suit a simple mixed media project I had been sleeping on for awhile now.  My friend and neighbor, Brenda gifted me two small Ginny Dolls.  They were in very good condition and so were their little clothes.  I studied them for a few days and decided to reproduce them to use in a jewelry project.  

White would be perfect, so that I could add color easily if I wanted to later.  To do this, I needed molding compounds.  First, I needed to cast the dress, then fill the impression with a durable product that when finished, could be applied to little books or worn as jewelry.

The products I chose were Knead-A-Mold and Apoxie Sculpt, Super White.  I demo how to make the little white dress below, on my YouTube channel.  Click and Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Make It Artsy With Lynne Suprock, Making Chihuly Like Ornaments Art Tutorial 22

Make It Artsy With Lynne Suprock, Making Chihuly Like Ornaments Art Tutorial 22

Well, season five of the show, Make It Artsy, on PBS, did not disappoint!  There are several talented instructors giving wonderful project instructions.  All PDF's for any of the episodes, whether the full videos are still shown on their website or not, are available through their website.  For the PDF written instructions for this whole project go to:

For season five, I completed and aired three projects with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.  It was so much fun in their studio, surrounded by so many talented people.  One of the three projects was to create Chihuly inspired ornaments to float in ponds or to hang in trees.  The image below is a picture I took while at the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, PA for my inspiration. If you would like to see how I created my look alike,  just click the below the image!  Enjoy!

 Click Here!

Friday, September 20, 2019

Fast Image Transfer With No Rubbing, No Water, No Acetone, No Mess. Art Tutorial 21 by Lynne Suprock

Fast Image Transfer With No Rubbing, No Water, No Acetone, No Mess.  Art Tutorial 21
by Lynne Suprock

Yet again, one more time, for the 7th time, I filmed an episode with Julie Fei Fan Balzer on the PBS crafting show, MAKE IT ARTSY.
Such a wonderful time and how I loved meeting up with other creatives and filming these episodes.  In this episode I demo how to use Aves Fix It or Apoxie Sculpt to transfer images like toille and bees.

The last one aired is this September.  Check your local networks for Season 7 and tune in.  Also, for a complete written PDF of this project go to:


click here to view the how-to video:

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Make Quick Enamel Buttons And Grab A Dish Towel To Add Pattern, Art Tutorial 20, By Lynne Suprock

Make Quick Enamel Buttons And Grab A Dish Towel To Add Pattern 
Art Tutorial 20

By Lynne Suprock

Who doesnt' love a sale?  I have a few things in my closet that are unmarried to anything.  They need their other half to make a fashion statement, or at least, match.  Earlier in May, I found this cool little top that I thought would match a skirt that had been hanging in my closet for 2 years.  

When I got home, I still thought, aw.... something just isn't right.  It is too plain.  That's it.  So let's make a few alterations... just a couple.  Begin by removing these wooden buttons.  Maybe they can be a part of another project someday.

Take one of the buttons and trace onto a piece of copper.  Cut out each of the circles for your new buttons using metal cutting shears.

Mark two divots into the copper for each button, using a scribe.  Then using a metal punch, 1.8mm, punch your button holes into the copper metal.

Using a metal file, and filing in one direction, clean up and smooth any rough edges around the button.

Now its time to do a bit of quick enamelling.  I will make the buttons a glossy black with a white piece to give a geometric look.

You will need Kry-Fire or fine mist hairspray, a mesh strainer, enamel tivets, safety goggles, kiln tweezers to remove trivot and your enamels, and the kiln.  Firing temp will be 1385 F for about a minute and 30 seconds or until the enamel appears smooth when peeking in the window with safety glasses.  If the enamel appears to have orange rind skin, leave cook a few seconds longer.

Apply the spray adhesive lightly then use the strainer to tap enamel onto the metal.  Lightly spray and apply another coat of enamel.  Give a third and final light spray.  Carefully repeat the same process to the other side of the button and set on trivet and place into kiln.

Once fired, spray lightly and add one more coat of black enamel.  Then place the white stringer piece of enamel to the top of the button and fire in the kiln.  No need to apply anymore enamel to the back of button.

Here are the buttons, two front views and two back view.

I had created the buttons to tie in the geometric pattern of my skirt, but not exactly look the same.  It is just enough to pull the eye up.

Similarly, I wanted to add a bit more of the top's color into the skirt.  I chose a simple band of lace and sewed it to the bottom of the skirt to accomplish this.

So far, sew good.  hehe.  There was a bit more work that I wanted to do to the shirt.  I had been saving an old and worn thin, kitchen towel that would give quite a bit more interest to the shirt. Hmm. Yeah, so let's go ahead wth that!  I cut out the dish towel around the center image, turned under and ironed a fold, then pinned it to the back of my top.  I sewed around the piece three times for a bit of a tattered look rather than use straight stitching. Lastly, I outlined sewed the horse in the image to keep things in place, and again, add a bit of interest.

So as to not waste much, I tore a strip from the remaining part of the dish towel to make a piece of fabric bracelet for the wrist. 

Now let's get out a little paint and a stamp!  I used a Gel Press Plate as a giant inkpad to hold a bit of DecorArt So Soft Fabric Paint which I applied with my brayer.  I chose these colors...

I used a cool patterned wooden stamp from Artistic Artifacts, dabbed it into the paint and pressed it firmly onto my fabric.

Do this stamping several times over the cloth in different colors, overlapping the pattern.  Let air dry then press with hot iron, no steam to set the paint.

After all the work it is time for dressing up and going out with friends.  I loved how it all came together.  Hope that you all enjoyed and gained some inspiration to try a bit of altering yourself.


Transforming An Ordinary Coat Into a 1940's Princess Coat, Art Tutorial 19, By Lynne Suprock

Transforming An Ordinary Coat 
Into a 1940's Princess Coat, Art Tutorial 19

By Lynne Suprock

Ou la.  There are several steps to transforming this community thrift store oversized woolen coat.  I put it all in this video...  Enjoy!

Thursday, December 20, 2018

How To Turn Frumpy Into Fabulous, Art Tutorial 18, By Lynne Suprock

How To Turn Frumpy
Into Fabulous, Art Tutorial 18

By Lynne Suprock

OK, so I did get a little behind with posting a few of my Art Share projects.  This one was completed in July.  I did a bit of everything here.... cut apart a full length jumper, made a few ruffles and a glorious pocket, incorporated a linen bag into the works and then monoprinted for dimension.  I LOVE HOW IT TURNED OUT.

So, if you are curious, I made a video of the transformation to share.  You can pause at anytime to catch your breath and cut, or just enjoy the show.  Follow this link.

let's begin with scissors...

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Sharing Some Happy... By Lynne Suprock

Sharing Some Happy...
by Lynne Suprock

Tinsel, trees, stockings, bows…. The season is upon us and where exactly did the summer go?  I’ve been across the country and back in miles, caught up to see both extraordinary and ordinary things, welcomed a new grandson (number 2) into a crazy world, and decided to freeze a few moments in time by giving them my complete presence of mind.

I continued to try a few new things sewing, filmed a few projects for the PBS show Make It Artsy (seasons 5 and 6), hosted workshops, as well as taught little on the road, and have thought about a few print worthy how-to’s. This year has also been a time to sort out the lines between art friendships vs business friendships, and good business vs not so great business regarding the retail scene.  As a mixed media artist, I like to think the best of everyone, but it has not been that way with some of my experiences.  It is time to walk away from any negative vibes, and stay focused on what truly has meaning, and makes a difference.  This focus, and working with small businesses I believe in, allow me to be more happily present in what I do.  .

So, during the end of March, before my last post, I traveled to Montgomery County with hubby and friends to experience the ultimate in indoor free fall and flight at iFly.  If I could, I would fly everyday!!  Oh My Gosh, you just have to go do it yourself.  It was such a game changer and super fun. I will never be the same. 😊

April then brought with it, a visit from friend, Erin Gerlach, who came to visit and work on a few projects using the Aves Apoxie products to showcase on the wildly wonderful PBS show, MAKE IT ARTSY, with the ultimate art host, Julie Fei Fan Balzer. What a blast we all had doing that.  Filming happened in May. I will include a link to one of the episodes at the end of the post, for those interested in checking out a segment.  Others will be up on my YouTube Channel as the episodes air. 

Alas, but no other producer called me after my on set persona demo’d some serious project making.  However, for what it was worth, I met a lot of wonderful people and got to be under the lights, in front of the camera, and in the middle of all the action for a few fun days.  Thank you, Erin Gerlach, for providing me the product and collaboration to film four more awesome episodes, and thank you Kathy Stull, and your wonderful team, of K&S productions, for making these episodes possible on Make It Artsy!

Also in May, I zipped off to New Orleans for the first time ever!  Holy smokers, what a place indeed.  How amazing was the local culture and the art! Oysters aren’t my thing, but there were plenty other choices of local cuisine.  Before he closed the business, I was able to visit Thomas Mann’s art shop/studio.  Ou-la-la, what an artsy place to visit.  I was scouting around in hopes of teaching in NOLA myself one day.  Perhaps…… 

The very end of the month found me in Chicago, where I attended a conference and had one beautiful day  to catch up with my cousins, Lori and Kathy, living in the area.  We had lunch and kinship at a wonderful place along the river.  Love these girls. I wished we lived closer!

In June, a most lovely, although wet, week was spent in West Palm Beach.  Gosh, how I love the beach, even in the rain.   My sister and I also finally made it to the Pittsburgh Art Festival at Three Rivers.  Oh my, pierogie and brisket trucks lined the street.  Yes, we did partake just a little in that feast!

Right before the 4th of July, it was also so exciting to spend teaching full weekend workshops at The Muse, in downtown Frederick, MD.  I love that my workshops sold out!  Thank you Whitney Dahlberg, owner and artist, for hosting me. :-) 


In the middle of the month we readied travel to NH for a family visit, and to welcome the arrival of a newbie boy to the family in July.  We made a second trip up in August to provide a bit of support to our daughter in law as our son was involved in a little work travel. Distance and our own work/travel obligations make visiting less frequent than it should be. I know lots of you out there understand and live this circumstance, as well.

September found some teaching time in the studio and prepping for an annual beloved art and mixed media retreat, Art &Soul, in Virginia Beach.  Afterward, another beach week to Myrtle Beach with friends. Hubby spent time on the west coast and over in the UK the remainder of the month.  For me, I get lazy and that means no cooking….yay! Although I have to say, I eat healthier when I do cook.  Several days of me time, found me taking direct hits of almond whipped cream straight from the can and spooning marinara sauce right out of the jar.  Yes, I did just say I did that.

October was here before I could blink and I was off to vend, teach workshops and bunk with some art sisters for a fabulous week at the Art & Soul Mixed Media Retreat.  It is always wonderful to connect with other teachers, students and art friends.  The heart needs these reprieves.


Lucky to head back down south, with hubby, to Charlestown, SC for a business trip.  Wonderful warm weather and connection with colleagues and friends.  I finally got to tour a beautiful plantation.  The architecture and gardens were beautiful.  My fav restaurant once again Fleet Landing.  Oh my word what seafood!!

And here we are in Dec, and in the epitome of holiday hub-bub.  I play the holiday music the day after Halloween, you know.  Drives everybody crazy for sure. They bring me the best memories though.  Yes, the best of Christmases past.  I bake a few pies and clean a bit to make room for all the commercial trimmings.  Decorations seem to be somewhat less each year, but the ones left for display are most special.  I look forward to the meet up with friends and family. The best time of year for grandchildren, and reliving a little bit of your own magic of youth.

So that brings me to today.  I left out the most personal stuff that colors in the days between milestones.  There have been certainly the most exquisite blessed moments and some, which were nearly tragic awful and scary.  We all have these times without roadmaps, which makes life’s trip a bit rogue when you'd rather it not be.

For now, I’m enjoying the time of year where we are all a little kinder, a little more understanding and forgiving, and a bit more sentimental.  Looking ahead to putting a few more things in my Etsy store, getting out a few more videos on YouTube, launching a new website, and starting up a new studio.  Looking forward to finding happiness in another year forward, as I hope you all do too.

Below is one of the episodes from Season 5 of Make It Artsy.  Check out my YouTube Channel for others as they air at

Make Chihuly Like Pond Balls And Ornaments on Make It Artsy!