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Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Little White Dress, Art Tutorial 23, by Lynne Suprock

The Little White Dress
Art Tutorial 23

By Lynne Suprock

I have in my closet, two little black dresses that I adore.  So simple but elegant.  The legacy of all little black dresses, yes?

Well, today I decided that white would suit a simple mixed media project I had been sleeping on for awhile now.  My friend and neighbor, Brenda gifted me two small Ginny Dolls.  They were in very good condition and so were their little clothes.  I studied them for a few days and decided to reproduce them to use in a jewelry project.  

White would be perfect, so that I could add color easily if I wanted to later.  To do this, I needed molding compounds.  First, I needed to cast the dress, then fill the impression with a durable product that when finished, could be applied to little books or worn as jewelry.

The products I chose were Knead-A-Mold and Apoxie Sculpt, Super White.  I demo how to make the little white dress below, on my YouTube channel.  Click and Enjoy!