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Monday, August 26, 2013

Beadfest 2013 Art Expo Warriors!

The Artists Of Artist Alley At Beadfest

Okay, I was afoot again today, before the big doors opened and the crowds gathered, for the last day at Beadfest, 2013.  It was a bittersweet day for most as everyone was a bit weary after 3 days on the floor, meeting and greeting all those shoppers, but happy at the same time to go away with more ideas, more friends, and some personal treasures.  

Although I don't have pictures of everyone, here are a few more of the artists that made Beadfest sparkle for me!  My life has been touched by each and every one.

Nikki Blanchard of Nikki Blanchard Designs

Jennifer Pottner of Urban Raku

Dee Taylor of Beads of Dee Taylor

Marty Brown of The Dragon's Odyssey

Heather and Harry Boardman of HMB Studios

Pat Pawlowicz of A Fistful of Felt

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Beadfest 2013
One bead, two beads, a thousand more beads!  BUT there was so much more at the Beadfest than all those lovely beads.  There were also lots of artists and students in to represent mixed media, some displaying their beautiful creations and demonstrating  their fields.  
I enjoyed my time teaching the Petite Enamel Journal Necklace workshops with Jean Van Brederode.  The students' little book necklaces were sooo beautiful.  Unfortunately, my phone pictures do not do them justice. (sorry girlz!)  But I just loved them all! Here are a few....

But now back to those beads..... there were lampwork beads, raku beads, and beads with perfect stringers.  There were glass, metal and porcelain beads, and as well as the findings and beadworking tools to go with them.  Did I just say tools? Oh my, the tools! 
At the Beadfest vendor show, some of my favorite companies were represented, demonstrating and showing the latests mixed media products.
Among those were PJ Tools, Metalliferous, Garlan Chain, S and S Lapidary, Green Girl Studio Beads, Beaducation, among others. 
There were small windows of opportunity to scurry out and about into the Expo Hall to visit a few other artists.  Here are some pictures...

Beaducation Supplies!

Beaducation tutorials!

Best Beads and Leather

Odd Designs

Green Girl Studio

HMB Studio
And some special customers!

AND be sure to check out Suze Weinberg's blog about this weeks events.  Suze is sure to have many marvelous pictures up soon!  Was glad to see here again at this show.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Shotgun Shell Bracelets At Art And Soul 2014

Shotgun Shell Bracelets (cancelled)

Join me and dozens of other wonderful artists in Kansas City this spring at ART AND SOUL, March 19 to 23.  One of the workshops I will be teaching will be Bling It To Leather!  Follow the link to register for this awesome class where you will learn how to separate shells safely and use the bezels on leather bracelets!

check out the video eye candy! 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Just Steampunk Magazine, Vol. 3 Sneak Peek!

Where Could You Find Tiaras, Journals, AND Secret Compartment Rings?

On the pages of Just Steampunk Magazine, Vol 3 of course!  : )  

I love this publication and the artists who offer a look into their world of Steampunk and awesome creativity!  The detail on some of these pieces is amazing!  

I was flattered and honored to grace three full pages with my work.  The enameled books featured were a team effort by Jean Van Brederode and I.  Very cool!

 And check out Art Sista and instructor Isolina Perez, who has a few of her own pieces featured AND make cover!


Thursday, August 8, 2013

CREATE RETREAT: Summing up Fun!

Creative Buzz at CREATE In Somerset, NJ

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend an awesome art retreat called CREATE, in Somerset NJ.  It was my very first time teaching at this Interweave venue.  I was blown away by all the support and friendly faces all willing to lend a hand.  The workshop rooms were just right with plenty of space and windows, and water stations in each hall.
Ready to meet and greet were the marvelous Maggie  Reinholtz and fabulous Jenn Mason.  It was terrific to finally meet the faces to go with the names of that exciting CREATE team. I really don't know how those girlz do all that they do.  Many roles must be juggled, making others' dreams come true.
 This year I taught 4 workshops...awesome hinged glass bottle vignettes, super shotgun shell necklace and rings, and little enameled heart journals to wear around your neck.  Here are a few pictures of the projects from the week.

my teaching sample

 In between all the teaching and supply lugging, late night dinners, and early breakfasts, it was also nice to see a few familiar faces.  In between clean up and set up I was happy to talk with Seth Apter.  We had never officially met, so this was a chance to get to know each other a little bit better, in between the packing and unpacking!

Other meet ups included seeing art sister friend Isolina Perez from FIT in NYC.  As well, Tery Favo and Gail Vanderster-Zwang were two gals I was glad to get to talk with during the week.  Gail was in the enameled journal pendants class and a few weeks ago had won one of my tiaras in an auction to benefit the Oklahoma residents, organized on FB by Heather Ales!

......But wait!   I don't want to forget about the Artist Faire night!  SO many folks, students and non, flocked to find treasures.  I loved meeting everyone at my booth and of course, doing business and showing off my creations.

Part of my table was dedicated to future workshop events.  I had samples of the little book necklaces I will be teaching along with Jean Van Brederode at Beadfest in Philly this August and sample tiaras for workshops being taught at Art Is You in Stamford, CT. 
  Check out Nidia Negron from CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) who was wearing one of those tiaras, and Dea Fischer and Tiffany Teske who also joined in the princess fun.

 By the end of the evening, I finally had the chance to get around the room myself and make my one purchase.  Jodi Ohl's beautiful painting was across the room and in eye's sight the entire evening.  I loved it because it reminded me of my little enameled heart journals.  Lives here now. Thank you talented art sister, Jodi Ohl!

Such a wonderful week in Somerset, NJ.  I chose to end my time spent teaching and vending by treating  myself with a riveting class with friend Gail Crossman Moore.  Gail is an amazing enamel artist.  Loved creating with her!  Check out my locket.....