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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Simply Pretty Stuff Buttons and Pendant Using Amazing Remelt

Simply Pretty Stuff Buttons In A Pendant Using Amazing Remelt

Buttons, buttons... who has the buttons??? As a member of the Amazing Casting Products Creative Team, with a few of my own, just made, buttons. Watch my tutorial below on how to make these glimmer, shimmer buttons, using the new molding product, Amazing Remelt.

This stuff feels and even smells like J-E-L-L-O.
How ironic since it is food safe and it does jiggle :-)

So let's get going and see how to melt this product and use it to mold a few favorite buttons to create a bit of the extraordinary. Enjoy!

Making Buttons with Amazing Remelt

Trouble viewing the video???
Please CLICK HERE to jump and view on YouTube.

Once you have made your beautiful buttons, you can incorporate them into any number of projects. Me.... I chose to put them into a necklace using a little felt, silicone glue, and bling.

With the addition of felt, glue, scissors, ribbon, flat backed bling, jump rings...


What crafty treasures would you
mold with Amazing Remelt?

I would love if you would leave a comment to let us know how this technique works for you! Please share what you make with Amazing Casting Products on the website in the User Gallery.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Project Chandelier Crystals: A Tutorial Using Amazing Mold Rubber And Transparent Casting Resin by Lynne Suprock

Project Chandelier Crystals
by Lynne Suprock

Gosh, I love chandeliers with lots of crystals....and I do have a few of those here at the homestead.  They were once plain, old, light fixtures that were rescued from local discard piles.  
Spider webs removed, and white spray paint in hand, anyone can bring new life to thrown away light fixtures.  Additionally, adding a bit of crystal bling to any refurbished luminere, creates.....

Okay.  Here are pictures of one of my pieces, seriously in need of more bling, of course.  ;-)

Let's get started on.... Project Crystals.

What you will need:
transparent casting resin
amazing mold rubber
small gauge wire
razor knife
plastic container
stir stick
small medicine or measuring cup

Choose a few nice glass crystals that you want to replicate.

Place some 24 gauge wire through each and suspend over a recycled plastic on a wooden stick or skewer.


If you have any unwanted mold rubber pieces around, cut them up and throw them into the container first.  Then fill the remaining space with Amazing Mold Rubber.  

Check out the online tutorial on how to mix the mold rubber at

Once the mold rubber hardens, remove the crystals.  If yours are too long or too wide at the bottom, make a slit with a razor knife, vertically along the piece.  Use an elastic band to secure the mold rubber back together, before pouring the transparent casting resin.

Since the opening for the pour will be small diameter, bubbles will not easily surface and release.  I decided to let the resin sit for 10 or 12 minutes to allow the bubbles to break before pouring into the crystal molds.

lots of bubbles

less bubbles after sitting

The resin will only be poured to the top of the mold rubber.  This will mean slightly shorter crystals than the originals which had been above the mold rubber, suspended with wires, in the previous step.

In 24 hours this is what the crystals looked like.  They were shiny for sure, like the originals.  However, they were not glass clear.  The ones I made with the transparent casting resin were also shorter. You could still see some of the bubbles in the resin.  I was still pretty AMAZED  ;-)

Here is my Chandelier before the extra bling and after.

Try making crystals to add to your jewelry or mixed media designs.  I cannot wait till you all give this a try!!  

Monday, November 3, 2014

Milk Glass And Mercury Glass FAUX Bud Vases Using Amazing Casting Resin!

Milk Glass And Mercury Glass Bud Vases:
A Faux Effect Using Amazing Casting Resin

 I am sharing another one of my Amazing Crafting Products tutorials here on  the blog.  This tutorial can also be seen on the site along with tutorials from all the other wonderfully creative design team members.  

Whether you are a flower gatherer or a floral arranger, you will love trying out this little project! 

So... lots of my friends know that I love flowers and love setting little vases around the house holding bits of garden greenery or fresh clipped flower buds. I have one favorite crystal vase that I thought would make the a perfect piece to use in an Amazing Mold Rubber and Amazing Casting Resin experiment. I wanted to create milk glass and mercury glass look-a-like vases, and I was quite pleased with the final results.


 Fabulous Faux Milk Glass side-by-side with Faux Mercury Glass

Find a container tall enough to cover your vase to be a mold box (I used a yogurt container). Add a little hot glue, and position the vase in the bottom.

My original crystal mounted inside container.

If you have old leftover pieces Amazing Mold Rubber from past projects, cut it up and throw into the container – which reduces the amount of mold rubber that you will have to mix for the project.

Mix the Amazing Mold Rubber (see video instructions by clicking HERE) and pour it into the mold box containing the vase.


Once cured, remove the glass by making a clean cut
down the side of the Amazing Mold Rubber mold.

Secure the empty mold with rubber bands and also secure the bottom of the mold to a large piece of packing tape. This will keep any Amazing Casting Resin from leaking out the side or bottom until it cures.



Prepare and pour an inch of Amazing Casting Resin into the vase mold so that it fills the bottom (see video instructions by clicking HERE). Quickly position a length of 5/8” diameter of vinyl tubing into the center of the vase mold, and partially down into the Amazing Casting Resin which was just poured.

 Hold the tube into position for about 5 minutes, or until
the Amazing Casting Resin changes to an opaque white.

Now mix and pour additional Amazing Casting Resin to fill up the remainder of the space in the mold so that it is level with the top of the vinyl tubing. Let cure.

Remove the packing tape as shown from bottom. 


Remove the packing tape and the rubber bands and demold the white vase.

File down any rough edges with a metal file. 

Fill this milk glass look-a-like with water and add some flowers.


If you would like to create a mirrored, or mercury glass finish, spray the vase with a chrome paint. Be sure to do this in an area that is well ventilated, then let dry. 

Fill with water and flowers. Cool!

What would you create a fabulous faux

Please share what you make with Amazing Crafting Products
on the website in the User Gallery.

Get The Hot Wax Dipped Look On Wine Cork Necklaces With Amazing Casting Resin

Hot Wax Dipped Wine Cork Necklaces
Using Amazing Casting Resin

The Little Charlotte, as shown, was made by adding
ACP casting resin and colorant  to an ACP mold putty mold of an original doll

This month, as a member of The Amazing Crafting Products Team,  I have a video for this month's tutorial that will show you how to recycle a few wine corks into gorgeous necklaces. This project will feature, of course, Amazing Crafting Products.  I will use the Amazing casting resin, and some Amazing Crafting Product colorant.

But first a little history about the inspiration for these necklaces...

I have many wonderful and talented art friends in the field.... This summer, I did a fun little class demonstrating sea glass drilling, and I was surprised and blessed with some, geez-o-wiz beautiful gifts, from these extra special art sister's in NH!   

One of my gifts was a wine cork necklace that I absolutely love!  So, I decided to try my hand at decorating my own.  My twist was to incorporated some Amazing Crafting Product.

Enjoy the video!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Art~Is~You Retreat, Stamford 2014, Bringing Together Best Friends Forever

Art Is You Retreat 2014
Stamford, CT
Bring Together Best Friends Forever...

For the past few years, I have been so excited to attend, teach and vend at a most beloved art retreat in New England.  Year after year I have been both amazed and humbled at the magical things that happen there.  

I have experienced wonderful students, fabulous teachers, and made the best friends in Stamford, each and every year.  I have witnessed a million hugs, a few tears, lots of giving, and contagious laughter.  From morning till night, stuff happens.....lots and lots and lots of stuff.....that makes us all grow as artists, gives us strength, and makes each and every one of us very, very happy to attend.

My Sacred Journal Of Reflections Workshop

My Twinkly Love Affaire With Words Workshop

This year, I had taught two classes, taken two classes, and vended.  I was there for five days, but it was over in a blink.  Already missing my art sisters and brothers and cannot wait to meet them once again next year.

Here is a blip of my photo highlights.  You can see lots more on the Art Is You Retreat on Facebook 

AIY Photo Snippets 
From The Heart

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Simply Pretty Stuff Coin Cuffs Using Amazing Crafting Products

Coin Cuffs Using Amazing Crafting Products

Here is an inspirational share (and a few quick "how-to's"), using Amazing Mold Putty, Amazing Casting Resin, Alumilite Dyes and Metallic Powders, my drill and punch! 

I enjoy making bracelets and prefer the recycled belt types. For this project, I used an old canvas belt, come snaps, coins of various sizes, and Amazing Crafting Products.

I molded the coins, then brushed Bronze (and I did a few with Gun Metal) Alumilite Metallic Powder, on the inside and filled with Amazing Casting Resin colored with Alumilite Black Dye.

The Amazing Casting Resin is really so very easy to either drill or punch and make holes for either jump rings or thread. Just be sure to first create a divot with a hammer and metal punch. Then make your holes. I used a 1.8mm sized hole punch and a 1/16" drill bit and a Dremel.

Punch a divot.

Use a drill. 

Use a mechanical punch.

After making the holes, I used some thread to attach each piece to the bracelet. 

Easy Peasy!
What items would you mold/cast
to adorn your custom jewelry?

Please share what you make with Amazing Crafting Products
on our website in the User Gallery.

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