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Sunday, October 28, 2012


Wife, Mother, Grandmother and Friend

 After a 16 month standoff with a fierce glioma opponent, my mother in law lost her struggle with this aggressive cancer last night, just after sunset.

The most beautiful of sunsets wax and wane into eventual darkness, trading their swirl of  amber and purples with the twinkle and glistening of stars. So is the way with life.  The beauty and colors fade to memory, replaced by something beyond the realm of ordinary vision.  There is something extraordinary that occurs without explanation when we move from life's twilight, to what might be like touching the sunset, before we become the stars.

Bobbi's life was blessed with four sons, a loving husband, and several grandchildrenThroughout the years she had also touched the lives of many children in her role as teacher.  She will be missed very, very, much.  


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Adams County Arts Council Classes

 Art Charms and Ornament Workshops
At Adams County Art Council, Gettysburg

Be sure to sign up for these fun classes in Gettysburg, PA, in November.  Go to
 and sign up now!  What a cool idea for your tree this year or for very unique Christmas gifts!


Monday, October 22, 2012

Art & Soul 2013, Virginia Beach, VA

Chatelaine Aide Memoire

I will be offering this short book necklace class at Art & Soul, Virginia Beach, VA, next year!  Registrations are now open at

Check out this short and sweet video clip!

             Chatelaine Aide Memoire Art & Soul 2013, VA

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jewelry Affaire Featured Necklace

Inspirational Piece On Its Way To An Inspirational Woman

When I submitted my necklace to Jewelry Affaire several months ago, I had written about an organization for which this special piece was intended...
The organization:  Chemo Comfort.  The inspirational woman behind that organization:  Anne Marie Paolucci
I met Anne Marie a few years ago. after I heard about her personal journey and how she began Chemo Comfort.   I knew immediately I wanted to help her, in whatever way I could, to succeed. So, I donated some of my jewelry items for a raffle held each year in NYC to raise money for supplies, that went into a very special box, that would eventually be sent to some very special people receiving chemotherapy.  This year, I decided to dedicate this piece to her organization and I hope to be there in the spring, as she takes her place at the NYC street fair to raise money for Chemo Comfort. 


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Art Is You October 2012 Event!

The Art Is You Retreat
Best one ever!

OK.  If you missed this retreat, shame on you!  You missed the best time ever.  The artist instructors, students, vendors and organizers were above and beyond this year.  I personally had the best bunch of students in my shotgun shell class, enjoyed taking two worshops given by fellow instructors, Richard Salley and Michael DeMeng, and had a very successful vendor nite at the Sheradon in the Stamford, CT location.  Next year we plan to do it all again.  So mark your calendars and check in soon for advanced resgistration at 
Enjoy these fabulous candid moments taken in creative zen!  So many beautiful people creating and loving beautiful art..........