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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Art Is You October 2012 Event!

The Art Is You Retreat
Best one ever!

OK.  If you missed this retreat, shame on you!  You missed the best time ever.  The artist instructors, students, vendors and organizers were above and beyond this year.  I personally had the best bunch of students in my shotgun shell class, enjoyed taking two worshops given by fellow instructors, Richard Salley and Michael DeMeng, and had a very successful vendor nite at the Sheradon in the Stamford, CT location.  Next year we plan to do it all again.  So mark your calendars and check in soon for advanced resgistration at 
Enjoy these fabulous candid moments taken in creative zen!  So many beautiful people creating and loving beautiful art..........


In the Light of the Moon said...

Omygosh Lynne!! It was so wonderful to see all your beautiful pictures.My smile became wider and wider as I scrolled down!!Cant wait to "meet" you next year...For sure this time!!xoxo Cat

Seth said...

What a great review of such a great event. You really captured the spirit of AIY in this pics.

her father's daughter said...

just catching look so natural in that full-on crown! Your Ring Bling class was the most fun I had playing with hot things and glue! You are an excellent teacher - very patient and funny as all get-out! so glad i signed up!
Linda Esterley

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