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Sunday, October 28, 2012


Wife, Mother, Grandmother and Friend

 After a 16 month standoff with a fierce glioma opponent, my mother in law lost her struggle with this aggressive cancer last night, just after sunset.

The most beautiful of sunsets wax and wane into eventual darkness, trading their swirl of  amber and purples with the twinkle and glistening of stars. So is the way with life.  The beauty and colors fade to memory, replaced by something beyond the realm of ordinary vision.  There is something extraordinary that occurs without explanation when we move from life's twilight, to what might be like touching the sunset, before we become the stars.

Bobbi's life was blessed with four sons, a loving husband, and several grandchildrenThroughout the years she had also touched the lives of many children in her role as teacher.  She will be missed very, very, much.  



Isolina Perez said...

What a beautiful woman. Rest in peace Bobbi ♥

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