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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Published in Just Steampunk Publication!

Some of My Precious Bottles and Bezels Now in 
 "Just Steampunk"
Volume 2, 2012 

"Wow, and holy heck," or some such similar words and a few "my goshes," came out of my mouth when I recieved my complimentary copy of Just Steampunk Magazine 

I had submitted my things a few months back, then life happened, and I had forgotten all about it.  It was the most fun with giggles I had for awhile!

So, now, I must tell you that it was my friend and artist, Erin Keck, who told me about this wild and wonderful eye candy style publication.  It is packed full of wonderful, wonderful pieces, including several of Erin's clocks and pins and a head gear piece by another young and talented artist, Brody Ebersole. 

For me, the artists' pieces each tell a story.....complicated ones sometimes..... and I marvel at the talent that lies upon the the pages within this beautiful magazine.  

Yep, will be carrying mine around for awhile, but you can find a copy at any major book sellers and online from Scott Publications a


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