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Friday, September 30, 2016

Vintage Jewelry Boxes

Vintage Jewelry Boxes
filled with little girl and wedding memories......

My original re-do box tutorial, done a blog post ago, used an old jewelry box and a vintage image of my grandmother's wedding day.  I repainted and waxed that piece using the Annie Sloan Chalk paints from my stockist friend, Debbie Gemmel, who carries the line at Five and Divine in Fairfield, PA.  I just loved how the  colors and adding the image completely changed the piece into heirloom couture.  Below is the finished box along with an image of the collection of unpainted, and in need of repair, boxes. 

The base paint is "old Violet" with a second coat of a water application of "French Linen" A final clear wax coat gives the piece a nice sheen and a protective coating.  The image is one from my Grandma Rose's wedding day, which I edited in Photoshop, placed in the space, and topped with Amazing Casting Transparent Resin.

Revamping these requires a little bit of cleaning and elbow grease, but the results were impressive.  The piece seen below is a little treasure chest with a gold inlay resting beneath the image.  It is my art girl box and it makes me smile.

I enjoy these jewelry box remakes so much so that I feel they would be a fun class to teach.  I welcome your input..... and perhaps we can work on some special family boxes so that you can have as your very own too!  xo