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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Make It Artsy, Project Segments For Season 3: Shotgun Shell Bezels, Making Paper, And Using Apoxie Sculpt To Make Book Plates

Make It Artsy, Project Segments For Season 3: Shotgun Shell Bezels, Making Paper, And Using Apoxie Sculpt To Make Book Plates

By Lynne Suprock

OK, well, um... I cannot believe my week in the Cleveland area is now past. I spent the past week filming three segments for the newest art and crafting show on PBS, Make It Artsy, with host, Julie Fei Fan Balzer at KSproductions Studio in Solon, Ohio. Pinch me, would ya?  Yay, Hollywood, here I come!  😎 Well, ahem, not really.  I would have to bump my hours worked per day up a notch, to.... say......16!  It was truely an eye opener to see how much happens and how one has to be ON and multitasking beyond just a few things every day.  Julie is most amazing at what she does and has been working at honing everything for quite a long time. I so admire her and am fortunate to actually get to work with her -however brief.

So, there were months of planning and shhhh, secret projects to prepare, but now its done.  At least done for Season 3.  By the way, if you do not get the show on your local PBS station, or if it airs at say, 2 AM, you can go to the website and see "some" filmed segments online.  Written instructions for all the projects are available on the website, as well.  Just go to  Or... in case you like organizing episodes of crafting shows on the shelf, all the segments are available for sale on DVD.  Give your local cable or dish provider a call if you want the show to air in your area.  They love when you call.  Seriously though, it does matter when you ask them to add shows on local progamming.

Finally, after fits and giggles in the green room, all creatives became dead serious and sweaty when it was their turn under the lights of the production cameras.  We had a quick rehearse and went through all the steps in our processes on camera.  No one passed out or died or anything, but we all had a bit of nerves.  In fact, for me, anticipation for this meet up was felt for weeks.  Once there, everyone.....and I mean everyone, made it a great experience. I was thrilled to meet and work with Julie Fei Fan Balzer, Sandra Evertson, Rebekeh Meier, Debbi Simon, Cheryl Boglioli, Erin Gerlach (AVES Product Marketing Director), and Joe Rotella.  I feel like we have all known each other for a very long time and glad that we are now finally truely connected!

My first project involved those beloved shotgun shells that I like to use in my work.  I laid out a cool project which allowed for creating and filling a slimmer than usual bezel with resins that quickly set and were the colors of the rainbow.  I made wine charms, key rings and pendants all with the same process.

My second project opens up the zen center of my heart by creating paper out of trash, laced with a bit of scentiment.  By giving a paper making formula, I demonstrated how to incorporate junk mailing envelopes, paper and love notes or cards to recycle into usable and meaningful paper.  There was a factor of instant gratification method of drying some of these pretty pieces for immediate use.  Samples showed some pieces that were used to mount items in shadow boxes, make pages for book signatures, and provide canvas for letter writing.  For those who view the show and want to learn how to make your own paper making Mould and Deckle, click on the following link to view a quick and easy way to do so.

A third project was making little book plates to use for attaching signatures to make little wear as pendants, or to hold in the palm of your hand.  I showed how to create the plates with AvesApoxie Sculpt, using old gift card/credit card templates. Once dried, the templates are removed and the pieces painted and rubbed with a metallic wax for dimension.  Thank you Erin Gerlach for your enthusiasm and support and for such a wonderful product line. To see how to finish the book, using my version of the Coptic Stitch, click on the following link to watch.

How glad was I to wash off my make up and get into my jeans?  Oh my gosh, take a look at Julies VLOG from behind the scenes for the week and you will see how it feels when they say, "That's a wrap."

And....If you like the outfit..... I am wearing a special art apron embroidered by my friend and Art Sister, Cheri Cline, of Cheri Designs.  Check Cheri out on Facebook at

I will be posting the entire segments here on the blog when I get the edited and finished versions from KSproductions.  Subscribe to my YOU TUBE CHANNEL as well for many other videos that may be inspirational to whatever you create next!

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