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Monday, December 30, 2019

Kids Art As Charms, by Lynne Suprock

Kids Art As Charms
By Lynne Suprock

Our eldest grandson will soon turn seven.  This is an in between age, where play takes on goal oriented purpose and give those around can a sneak a peek at what sparks imagination and excitement.

Our little guy loves art projects and has become quite attentive to detail and color.  I was gifted a beautiful piece of scratch art recently, and, of course, thought it was the quite a beautiful piece of his creative art.

Since I love charm making and shrinking family pictures, pets or..... yes, even grandchild art, I thought that I would make myself a bracelet out of my gift.  I added beads make using Apoxie Sculpt and a special paint process.  A few buttons and sparkle and voila, nicely finished. 


For soldering jigs, perfect for hands free charm soldering, go to: