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Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Simply Pretty Bride To Be

Scones, tea and jam make for a sophisticated and delightful afternoon for a bridal shower.  Joanna and I pose for a memory photo before heading out  with friend's and family to Higinbotham's Tea Room in New Oxford, PA 

Studio Cats

There are folks who like cats, then there are folks who LIKE CATS!   I suppose its because they inspire, calm and entertain us.  They give full attention when roused and give the unconditional love we all seek.  sigh......I mean, purrrrrr.

Those darn crazy cat folks seem to cross paths eventually or serendipity gets to playing a role in bringing them together, whether it be in the same town or from opposite ends of the universe.  I do believe it is the same with dog people, with parrot people, with fish fanciers, and the like.  How many crazy cat people do you know?

In the homes and studios of many a friend, family or artist, these satisfied felines have found the perfect places to eat, sleep and play...........

Check out what's new on this cat lovers web site,

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Graduation Day

Yay!! Graduation Day.  'Tis the season for unbridled youth to step into the world ahead and take charge, armed with knowledge and brimming with confidence.  This is a day not to be forgotten.  That said, go ahead and put some of those special moments into beautiful ornaments.  Just visit me on the web at:

Monday, May 17, 2010

Alice In Wonderland
Is Simply Pretty Stuff

Everything Alice is hot now.  Me, I like the cat perhaps a bit more than Alice...but I like cats.
Check out these two new additions to the Simply Pretty Stuff collection.

Friday, May 14, 2010

A Special Rose...

The vibrant, sunny color of the yellow rose is reputed to evoke feelings of warmth and happiness. The warm feelings associated with the yellow rose are often akin to those shared with a true friend. As such, the yellow rose is an ideal symbol for joy and friendship.

This all explained by Pro Flowers online.  Sigh.  I would have said the same thing. I just rediscovered a very special Rose, after 35 years.  How wonderful.  

Rosemary was my run around fun friend, my scheming friend, my friend in the best of times and in those awful...break up with the boyfriend...times in high school. Yep, my yellow rose was...Rose !!

Well, time was kind to us as we don't look a bit over 18 then eh? ....check us out.  We met up in Washington DC this week and acquainted the hubbies as well.  There was so much to talk about, and so many new things, that it will take us, undoubtedly, 35 more years to catch up.  And that we will certainly plan to do.

These two are simply pretty stuff!!  If you haven't visited for awhile, go to it....and gather some of your high school memories to make an absolutely beautiful momento charm or ornament.  We did!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Variety Adds Spice

The rest of my New York trip found the usual variety.  Well, oxymoron or not, variety is usual in the city.  Where else would you see a flying iguana, cool glass buildings, or a bazillion dollar chandelier all in one place, in one day?

This trip I was also lucky enough to connect with three special ladies....yes all in one short trip.  I met up with my friend, Mabel, from Nature Publishing, as we have continued to keep in touch these past few years.  

I then met a new friend, Anne Marie Paolucci, founder of ChemoComfort,  which is a worthy non-profit in the city.  Each year ChemoComfort has a fundraising raffle which enables them to send much needed comfort boxes to women who have had chemotherapy for breast cancer.   Anne Marie will have a booth at the Greenwich Village festival ....just around the corner this month.

Last, but not least, I reunited with a most wonderful old friend, not seen for many, many years.  There was no loss for words here!  Susan Demark developed an excellent website about New York's history, photography, architecture and more, called the Mindful Walker.  Check her out!

How wonderful and dynamic are these women?  ....rrrreal wonderful and real dynamic. 

Icing on the cake for a perfect week was being able to head up to Lexington Ave, where one of the street fairs was in full swing.  There was eye candy and real candy... lots to see and do too.  Such artisans and crafts people!

And even a celebrity spotting!!  Ah go on!