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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Starbuck's Princess Tiara

Starbuck's FaBulous FuN

Here, in the Simply Pretty Stuff Studio, it has been quite the busy few weeks.  During these long, long work days, the holiday cheer has come mostly from the parade of endless seasonal songs on the radio and a steady stream of hot tea in between.  I love it!

If you know me, you also know I love my coffee.  However, there are times tea (or cocoa!) takes its place as the hot beverage of choice. That's OK I say, since this week I managed to celebrate coffee in a different way!!

I am not a coffee snob, but I love the local coffee shoppes in Hanover and New Oxford, PA.  Christina's is one of my favorites right now as described in an earlier blog post.  Anywho, yes, I HAVE had a Starbuck's or two, or three....

One of the things I do is recycle, when I can, in my art.  WELL, enough said.  Those little Starbuck's sample cups made it right into my treasure trove of tiara's!!  Take a peek at the coffee bean/glitter crown of glory!


not only for coffee lovers!

the details....wonderful!

Friday, December 10, 2010

London And Back.................

London For The Holidays

It has been a busy few weeks in and out of the studio for sure.  The elves and I worked hard to get Christmas orders ready before leaving the country for several whirlwind days.  Destination?  London, England.  Lucky me, I managed to sneak off to London to attend a few seminars on social platforming, a hot topic in business nowadays, and to visit old friends, while scoping out the latest trends in fashion and jewelry of course!!
My favorite thing to do this time of year in London is to check out the ice skating, the parks and the window decorations for sure.  Sticky Pudding Cake, my favorite British sweetness, is popular this time of year.  As well, we enjoy the Stollen, a fruit laden German Christmas cake.  I have got some great recipes so that I can try to replicate these yummy confections at home, here in the states.
During this trip, I was able to spend the entire DAY last Saturday at The Portobello Road Market.  Oh my, I was in heaven, yes indeed!!
Check out these Simply Pretty Stuff photos of a London Fashionista :) while she visited the Westfield Mall near Kensington.  Roses and sparkles are the thing this year...on dresses, hats purses, shoes.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Ready For This Yet?


Thursday, November 11, 2010

StoryPeople 2010 Christmas Ornaments Arrive!

The StoryPeople Ornaments Are Here

To see this year's selection and order yours, go to

I encourage you to hurry, as the elves and I have made a limited number of each.  This is the third year of designing these precious ornaments. Add to your current collection or begin the tradition this year!

Happy Holidays is right around the corner!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Queen For A Day With A Simply Pretty Stuff Birthday Tiara

Special Tiara Day

For most of the day Saturday and Sunday, artisan Vicki wore this tiara as she worked a huge holiday show.  By the end, she simply could not be without this flirty piece! 
'It will make a wonderful and fun thing to share among friends," she said.  "We can take turns on our birthdays wearing the tiara. It will get passed around." 


Here is Vicki as she shows off her new Simply Pretty Stuff tiara!

Warehime Myers Mansion Hosts Successful Holiday Show

Christmas Show Success

There was no snow this weekend, but there was a sure nip in the air during the three day  Holiday to Harvest Show in Hanover, PA to put everyone in the Christmas present mood. 

Our gracious host, the Warehime Myers Mansion, now part of the Hanover Area Historic Society, was most welcoming to all our customers which included, Hanover High School Choir, Linda Huber at the Auto Harp, and of course, SANTA and Mrs Claus!!

I have included some of my Simply Pretty Stuff inventory pictures, as well as items from some of the other artists at our show.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Christina's Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Coffee Breaking At Christina's

I have never been known to turn down a sticky sweet confectionery or two.   I surely do not deny myself at this wonderful coffee/pastry shoppe called Christina's.

Fortunately too, I have never been allergic to wheat. However, I do know lots of friends and family that cannot partake in foods with either wheat or sugar.

At Christina's, one of the temptations  IS the gluten free chocolate chippers and the sugar free nougat bar.  Mmmm.  For sure there are sugar sweetened things too.  I love love love the wheat free blondies though AND the multigrain bagels with pumpkin cream cheese!! 

The aroma is coffee for sure, and the decor, warm and welcoming.  Sit in the private alcove with crystal chandelier or enjoy the cozy sofa and wifi connection while you sip a hot chai this winter..........

I've met several friends at Christina's for a well deserved coffee break over the past few weeks.  While there I had the chance to chat a bit with Steve and Christi, a terrific husband and wife team behind Chistina's!!

Stop by and say hello and sample the delicious gourmet pastries, coffees or teas, or order special cakes, pies and cookies for your next special event.

Take a look at some of the scrumptious offerings at Christina's on Baltimore Street in Hanover.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Warehime-Myers Mansion hosts Holiday to Harvest Show and Simply Pretty Stuff

Simply Pretty Stuff  To Be At The Holiday Show At The Mansion On 
 November 4, 5, and 6 in Hanover, PA

This is a holiday show with fellow artisans.  I love being there and am so pleased that in the past 4 years, it has grown in attendance beyond expectations. I am one of six gals who worked hard to make it all happen.  Thanks to elves Toni Burns, Cheri Cline, Lisa Elsner, Jeanette Miller and Cel Smith.

This year, Santa is making an appearance, as well as  the Hanover High School Choir, directed by Deb Smith.  On auto harp, in two additional performances, will be Linda Huber.

The show will be located at the Hanover Historical Society's Warehime-Meyers Mansion on Baltimore Street in Hanover, PA.  There will be plenty to see and artists to meet, as well as plenty of yummy refreshments.

Hope to see you there!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

StoryPeople Elves In The Simply Pretty Stuff Workshop

It's Once Again That Time Of Year!  The Glass Cutting Has Begun!

Things were busy here last week and will continue the pace as the StoryPeople ornaments will soon be announced and readied for orders.

Did someone say elves?   Well, indeed there are elves this time of year here and they are humming and dancing and .... cutting glass right at the moment.  Thousands of pieces actually!

I snuck a picture of what's accumlating in the studio thusfar!!




Thursday, October 14, 2010

Flip Flop Couture

Flip Flop Style On A Dime

OK, I know summer was yesterday and fall is now.  However, who could resist one dollar flip flops??  Tis the time of year these babies are found here and there for just a buck.

A plain Jane, I am not.  Therefore the dollar flip flops evolved.  With a bit of black silk ribbon ( can make by cutting scrap silk on a bias), I made two little bows and hand sewed them to the top of each flip flop. 

The next part was easy.....I picked up hand made posies at the Summer In Paris Retreat in Harper's Ferry, VA in August.  A working mom, and artist, Jennie Gift, sold pins and barretts made from ribbons and pearls at the vendor show during the conference.  Rather than wear these flowers in my hair, I thought they would make cute flip flop adornments! Snip, I cut them free from their hair pins and hot glued them to the bows.  Ready for wear.......NEXT summer.  ; )

Monday, October 4, 2010

StoryPeople Tiara Design

StoryPeople In A Simply Pretty Stuff Tiara

One lucky person will be flaunting this oh so wonderful tiara around town this coming Holiday season.  Check out for upcoming details as to how to win this piece.

As well, keep an eye open for my seven latest beautiful holiday ornament designs made exclusively for Storypeople, and available for order
online this November.  Make sure you are in the know by going to 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Wedding Of The Century!

Just Married...

In case one were to notice, there has not been much activity on this blog for a bit.  Much to do in the way of a major event going on in our lives.  Our son has married the love of his life and Joanna has done the same.  The studio activity here is on hiatus, but will resume shortly after basking in the moment...

It was the most beautiful day for a wedding in New Hampshire!  Sunny, warm, fall days are undoubtedly the best!! The ocean breeze from a stone's throw away was so New England!

The food was yummy and the bride and groom, awesome.  Singing, dancing, eating and some well given toasts were all part of the afternoon. 

People came from Canada, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and other such far away lands to attend Chris and Joanna's  special event.  A fun filled evening with a barbeque at the new couple's home followed the luncheon reception. 

These are just a few of the one thousand plus photos snapped.  Seriously!  Let me start with an unconventional shoe picture!  sigh.  Conventional pix will follow!