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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Christina's Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Coffee Breaking At Christina's

I have never been known to turn down a sticky sweet confectionery or two.   I surely do not deny myself at this wonderful coffee/pastry shoppe called Christina's.

Fortunately too, I have never been allergic to wheat. However, I do know lots of friends and family that cannot partake in foods with either wheat or sugar.

At Christina's, one of the temptations  IS the gluten free chocolate chippers and the sugar free nougat bar.  Mmmm.  For sure there are sugar sweetened things too.  I love love love the wheat free blondies though AND the multigrain bagels with pumpkin cream cheese!! 

The aroma is coffee for sure, and the decor, warm and welcoming.  Sit in the private alcove with crystal chandelier or enjoy the cozy sofa and wifi connection while you sip a hot chai this winter..........

I've met several friends at Christina's for a well deserved coffee break over the past few weeks.  While there I had the chance to chat a bit with Steve and Christi, a terrific husband and wife team behind Chistina's!!

Stop by and say hello and sample the delicious gourmet pastries, coffees or teas, or order special cakes, pies and cookies for your next special event.

Take a look at some of the scrumptious offerings at Christina's on Baltimore Street in Hanover.


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