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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jewelry Affaire Featured Necklace

Inspirational Piece On Its Way To An Inspirational Woman

When I submitted my necklace to Jewelry Affaire several months ago, I had written about an organization for which this special piece was intended...
The organization:  Chemo Comfort.  The inspirational woman behind that organization:  Anne Marie Paolucci
I met Anne Marie a few years ago. after I heard about her personal journey and how she began Chemo Comfort.   I knew immediately I wanted to help her, in whatever way I could, to succeed. So, I donated some of my jewelry items for a raffle held each year in NYC to raise money for supplies, that went into a very special box, that would eventually be sent to some very special people receiving chemotherapy.  This year, I decided to dedicate this piece to her organization and I hope to be there in the spring, as she takes her place at the NYC street fair to raise money for Chemo Comfort. 



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