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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mario Suprock

"Mom, I Bought The Perfect Car To Modify..."

...into a race car.  Curious if any mom out there has ever heard this uncomfortable proclamation?  How about any moms of engineers particularly? The quarter century mark in birthdays have welcomed this young fellow to a place where he exercises the freedom to invent, design and engineer, or re~engineer, a multitude of items in triumph.  The latest project involved stripping down a limited edition vroom vroom as to modify each and every piston to conquer light speed and worry this mother into absolute a prilosec frenzy.  sigh.  Of course, where would any of us be without friends?  His to provide garage space and assistance and mine to provide empathy and distraction from worry.

Some pictures of the son and his newest hobby.  See the glee behind those gaskets?

I am thinking gasket charms............


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