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Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Very Special And Much Needed East Coast Vacation

Hilton Head, South Carolina

This has been a favorite place to vacation for about 25 years.  We don't get there every year, and we don't get there always in the summer.  However, whenever we do get to South Carolina, laptops sleep, all phones get lost, and sunsets and an ocean erases all our troubles and cares.
This summer, the husband and I went alone.  We had not been on a simple vacation alone for several years.  We love being with family, but sometimes it is nice to just have the place to ourselves.  This year, we were grateful for our in laws for making possible a beautiful and wonderful week.  
These are some of my favorite pictures of this summer at the shore, for one reason or another.  Enjoy!

I jumped out of the car in North Carolina to pluck this piece of pure cotton right out of the field!

a hitch-hiker on the car roof!  We delivered him safely to a local bush.

Highway before a Starbuck's

Highway after  Starbuck's!

Reflections at a lunch cafe in Savannah.

One of my favorite places on Earth!

These are why!

The Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake along the roadside.  So never jump out of the car anymore to pick cotton.....

Here, local kitty, kitty, kitty, you aloof kitty, kitty!

Our Favorite restaurant in Wexford Plaza, Hilton Head.  Love the food and that Bob Masteller playing his sax!

Bayside view at the Skull Creek


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