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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Proud To Be A Part of LARK's Publication: Showcase 500 Art Necklaces 2013

Things Near And Dear

I will say that so far this year, I have been humbled at the interest shown by publishers regarding my work.  It has been a learning experience and a joy to be able to share what I do.

More importantly, though, I am grateful for those wonderful new friends that I have made while navigating on this artful journey. It is to them that I give thanks and know that we celebrate life and art together.

Most of us are driven by a sort of whisper deep inside our brains... and our hearts.  It calls our name, wakes us up at night, and challenges us to do more... do better.  It helps us deliver our passion, whatever that might be.   

My little whisper calls me to continually move forward, keep learning and to make some kind of difference, as each and every day begins.  To do this, I must choose to take the hands of others who would guide me.  In turn, so must I give my hand to many others to do the same.  The small and like whispers of each and every one then make the most difference, as one beautiful and inspiring

This is why I teach. 

To preview LARK's publication, due to come out in July, click here: 


Uli Day said...

So happy for you, always knew you could do special things!

Linda Esterley said...

you are an amazing instructor! I had SO much fun in your workshop...I learned some fun techniques, made some awesome jewelry, and laughed till my stomach hurt! you are generous with supplies & knowledge. yeah, you rocked it :)

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