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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

S.W.A.R.M. hosts Shotgun Shell Design and Wearable Mini Journals

The First Ever S.W.A.R.M. Event
Happening in Western PA's Own Backyard!
(Society of Working Artists Retreats and Meet-ups)
Postponed! Allegory Gallery's New Location and Updates To Be Announced

In the hills and valleys of western PA there is a terrific little town called Ligonier.  They have a town circle complete with gazebo, a historic fort, a real ( man made) beach, and very many wonderful art boutiques, little personally owned businesses, and quaint B&B's.  

It is a perfect weekend drive for many and a wonderful new place to explore, if you are looking for creative splendor.  The nature found in the valley, and the art scape of this perfect little village make it definitely a destination place.

Heading a block east, out of the town circle is an amazing new creative art and bead store, called Allegory Gallery.  There you will find tons and tons of buttons, beads and jewelry findings and a fabulous host and store owner, Andrew Thornton. 

I met Andrew and partner,Will Jones, at Allegory Gallery last year, while at a venue hosting Gail Grossman-Moore.  What a fun and exciting two days we all had!

Andrew and Will encourage local as well as distant artists to come to Ligonier to teach, and they have posted a complete calendar of events on the store's web page.  What a wonderful meet up opportunity for everyone wanting to further explore creative mixed media.  Here is a newspaper piece about a recent event held at the store 

This April 6th and 7th, I will be honored to teach at one such event.  It will be the first of many S.W.A.R.M. events that will occur in the Ligonier Valley.  How exciting is that?

Please join me in two days of workshops, learning how to incorporate and recycle shotgun shells into chic jewelry, and how to make a fully functional and dimensional mini journal for around your neck!  To read more and to register for one class or a weekend pass, go to:



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