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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Most Popular Guy In Town
When The Snow Is Piled High Is ...
The Man With A Front Loader Tractor!

Second day of snow blowing and digging out finds my arms a bit sore and the back a lot sore.

When we woke today we heard that wonderful tractor backing up sound out front.  Our neighbor Dave Herrick to the rescue.  

The mailbox and driveway had been plowed over by the road crew attempting to clear some street yesterday.  I was there, watching and flailing my arms.  But alas, they piled and piled and piled it up and over our driveway.... before moving onto the next street. Sigh.  

Greg and I dug through the wall of snow to the street for the second time since Saturday, but were too pooped to finish the rest of the job.  Oh well.  Good food and drink were really needed!!

Neighbor Dave finally came home late yesterday afternoon ( after two days on the road working the tractor in parking lots and the like) and had to plow a few more folks and his own very long and windy driveway clear.  By this morning, he was back at it, helping us on the way to a few more jobs.  I just made Dave a big ole pie!!

OK, now credits should lovingly be given to Gregory and the snowblower, as without them, I would be seven more days shoveling!
Oh what fun anyway!!


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