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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Cupcakes Like No Other

Alright, I like cupcakes.  They are terrific with, say, COFFEE...have I ever mentioned  that I do love my coffee?

OK, now I am on to these cupcakes.  How good should a cupcake be before they are considered.........mmm, ah, mmm, sinful?
Totally ate this last night.

Connected with a really good ... no, great friend last night for a V-day meet up and was doubly surprised to receive these cupcakes from none other than CRUMBS here in NYC. How simply wonderful and what a perfect ending to a great night out.

If you get a chance get your own sweet morsels from Crumbs, at least once!  Go ahead and DO IT!


Susan DeMark said...

Yes, the cupcakes from Crumbs are wonderful. And don't forget Amy's Breads bake shop in the city, too. Amy's red velvet cake is awesome. All of these are best enjoyed and shared with a spouse, dear friend, or kid, and accompanied by great coffee!


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