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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stilettos In The Sand

I only read for information.  Curling up with a good book was never me, but teach me anything....and I am with ya.

Last week, as a passenger on a four hour trip across Pennsylvania, I was googling on my Blackberry.  One thing leads to another there........everyone loses a day doing that I'm sure.  However, with my first search entry, a totally unrelated url popped up midway down the screen, that I COULD NOT RESIST visiting. 

OK then, click, and let me check this out!  Who would have known that I would be completely enthralled for the entire 4 hour journey!!  I was somewhere else, where not many have been, and I couldn't put the words down. 

The "Stilettos" belong to an American woman living in Eastern Saudi Arabia... a woman with a powerful sense of observation and insight.  There is no minutiae in her life, no mundane.  She puts the Middle Eastern politics on a plate that mixes day to day events with her reality and the area's humanity...or inhumanity, as the case may be.  The beauty, the horror, moving in and out and back and forth, are experiences she shares on a global platform, hanging them as a beautiful and complicated tapastry, upon which to gaze and wonder and want for more. 

The photos are indeed awesome and take you to her place just with a glance.  Her words, half journalist in approach, and half tongue and cheek, are mesmerizing.  She is an artist truely, combining her words and pictures into unique presentation. In that way, she connects to the artist in all of us.

Just go there...... curl up and read what should be a terrific screen play or eye opening documentary. Or, just go there..... to learn. 

"Sabra," her alias, has been in that part of the world with her husband since 2003. She continues to blog about her life daily.  She would love to hear from you. 


Sabra said...

Wow. Just wow. What a FABULOUS write up, Lynne. Thank you thank you very, very much! Let me just correct one thing. We have been here since 2003, not 2006. I probably started blogging in 2006 [maybe? not exactly sure when I started Stilettos in the Sand...]. Regardless, appreciate such kind words and such wonderful compliments from a fellow blogger to another! I don't know that I have ever been the subject of such a glowing review and I appreciate it very, very much. Again, thank you!

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