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Sunday, March 18, 2012

salt shaker chic

Transformed Salt Shakers

Those who know me, know I horde a few things.  Not everything, oh no!  I just collect special old, forgotten items that would fit into the palm of your hand, old books, bottles and a few sparkly things.  

I have a shelf that displays medicine and bitters bottles, salt shakers, perfume, and canning jars with the zinc lids.  Our son and his wife carry on the collecting tradition, since he was the one who brought me my first broken bits of jars and bottles from an old farmer's pit in our back yard when he was just a boy.   

Here are a few new life pieces...  A salt shaker that now holds blue shimmer and a brass hinged creamer with a few old spigot parts and queeny girl necklace.  A couple of fee spaces now on the shelf for newcomers.


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