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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Design A Plate Using Gel Press and Pebeo Paints

Design A Plate Using Gel Press and Pebeo Paints

By Lynne Suprock

This is an AMAZING gift idea, and so simple to do.  Seriously...simple!  I got to thinking after a friend posted pictures of a few favorite dinnerware pieces found at a popular retail store.  I loved the pieces as well, but could never happen upon them while out.  Part of shopping for me is the thrill of the, yeah, I could've ordered some online, but did not.  Instead, I thought I would try my Pebeo Paints, Porcelaine 150 for ceramic, combined with my Gel Press for monoprinting and give it a go myself.  I collect eclectic stuff as well, so this was as eclectic as they come.

Here is an image of one of my pieces.  Follow the link to learn a few of the how-to tips and supplies used.  Happy creating!


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