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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Linens Field Trip To Obies Country Store

On A Trek For Linens

Okay, it was suppose to be a sunny and 60's kind of day yesterday.......oops.  Instead, it was the damp, bone chilling, cold and raw type day. No matter.  I was on a brick and mortar field trip to Lancaster County with a few girlfriends with plenty of sunshine in our chatter!  

As we all do, I love the blogoshere surfing time in the wee hours, where I can be several places in the world at once... but there is so much fun to be had in the thrill of the hunt moment with friends.

We began with a meet up lunch at a pub and good eats place on Rte 23 called Vignoles.  Mmm.  We filled our bellies with salad and wraps then headed out to brave the elements.

There are lots of vintage shops in Lancaster County and you could spends weeks just visiting those.  Our highlights were a couple of great fabric, button and trim places at which we spent much time.

The first place I want to mention is the PA FABRIC OUTLET INC on New Holland Pike.
Oh my gosh, the buttons!!  Equally, oh my gosh, the trim!  I found button inspiration there for sure.  I guess that is my mark for a successful button excursion....the InSpirAtioN.

The other place, which was new to me, was Obies Country Store, down further on the New Holland Pike, in Goodville PA.  There are piles in the aisles of fabric so my seamstress buddy was in fabric heaven.  Hard to find and name brand bolts of cloth were floor to ceiling.  It is worth the visit just to see the old building too, built in the 1830's.  Check out the selection of penny candies there as well!  

I included a couple of pictures.  If it appears that there is standing room only, it is because there was only standing room only : ) 




Anonymous said...

Best kept secret for fabric! Love the place!


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