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Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Carriage House Is All About Local

The Carriage House
Hanover, PA

Tucked behind the grand Sheppard Mansion
in Hanover, PA is a honest to gosh Carriage House, turned carriage house market shoppe, by manager Heather Sheppard.

Inside there are fresh cuts of beef directly from the local Sheppard farms, as well as a variety of milks and cream, all in stout glass vessels!

The cuts of beef and soon to arrive fish are the same wonderful pieces prepared by the chef in the mansion's own restaurant.

Each Saturday there are fresh warm sticky buns and always locally produced coffee.  Mmmm.  

The real prize for the customer who happens into the Carriage House is the wonderful selection of local art and products displayed between two huge rooms.  Lotions and soaps,  scribed birdhouse gourds, dinnerware, pottery..........and much more!  


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