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Monday, June 20, 2011

Teaching at Art And Soul, Virginia Beach, 2012!!

Art And Soul Retreat
Set For 2012!!
But Hurry!! Classes Fill Up Quickly!!
So Sign Up Now !!

I am so VERY excited to be among the chosen list of extraordinary instructors teaching at the 2012 Art and Soul in Virginia Beach!!  How wonderful to teach one of my favorite classes........ The Metal Chapter Book.  These simply pretty books are so itsy bitsy, they can be worn around your neck ... and are so very personal.  Keep a secret, a favorite poem, or pictures of the kids tucked inside and close to your heart.  In class we learn to prepare the metal as well as create the pages, then assemble and embellish.  Ouuuuu, what fun!! 

This chapter book is definitely close to my own heart.  It carries the deets of all my little biddie kitty cats.

click this picture for a 3D view

Here are another few ideas!  Oh, the choices!!


Anonymous said...

these little books are such woooonderful treasures. Ooooo I am so happy I will be your student in VA next year. Sophie

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