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Monday, December 5, 2011

Artist and Animal Friend Laurie Manz In The Spotlight

Lions And Tigers ...And Lions!

My very dear cousin in law, Laurie Manz, and I recently became reacquainted earlier this year on... drum roll please... Facebook.  How wonderful.  We had to catch up after 40 years of distance and lost time.  

Laurie, a true artist in oils, does beautiful animal and people portraiture.  Her proceeds benefit the ASPCA and  her heart goes out to all those poor lonely, lost, and mistreated animals everywhere.  She is an true advocate and hero in all canine and feline circles.

She recently painted my most special cat, Min.  What a treasure I now have as Min has passed away from a long battle with thyroid and kidney disease.  I cherish this gift from Laurie and could never thank her enough.

Laurie's kindness did not stop there.  With my last visit to Pittsburgh, I was given a beautiful portrait of the ghost lion, done lovingly in her small studio.  I brought him home and call him Aslan, after the lion in the Narnia Movie series.  He is a stunning likeness, don't you think?  Thank you Laurie!!
To see more of Laurie's work or to arrange a portrait, go to:


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