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Friday, August 3, 2012

Artist Sunny Carvalho Featured

Ugly Girls Pendants!

I have had the pleasure of recently meeting Sunny Carvalho online.  Her work is so wonderful.  She water colors, sketches, sews and favorite, paints and bakes little ugly girls a kiln!
I look forward to meeting Sunny, in person, at a retreat such as Art & SOul or Art Is You someday. 
Meanwhile I love my little pendants.  One will be a special gift.  The other I will wear to remind me of what my art is really all about.
Even the wrappings were wonderful.  I recieved this personal touch box

Then, once open, I found this perky paper!

 Then inside I was surprised by lots of extra and cool little cards and magnets.

Under the bubble wrap lies my actual items, which were more beautiful than could be imagined. Soooo sweet, don't you think?

Thank you Sunny!


violette said...

oh that is so sweet and beautifully presented too!

I am interviewing Sunny on my blog today and am excited to share with my readers about this awesome artist!

Love, Violette

Simply Pretty Stuff said...

it was a wonderful interview Violette and your blog is AWESOME! Nice to meet you!

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