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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Book Necklaces and Sea Glass Workshops 
at Cricket Manor in Frederick, MD

So lucky to be welcomed by the scenic surrounds and hospitality of the historic Cricket Manor in August.  Join me, won't you for a wonderful creative weekend!

When you arrive at Cricket Manor, nature blossoms and hectic schedules melt away.  How divine!

I will be teaching the following workshops at Cricket Manor, listed below.  If you are interested in attending any one of them, or all three, please contact Deb via email at
or call 717-418-3379 for more information!

Homespun Journal Pendants 
by Instructor,  Lynne Suprock
At Cricket Manor, Frederick, MD
10 AM to 4 PM Saturday, Aug 2, 2014

Local Workshop Fee $55.00
Kit Fee $15.00 per student

These adorable little house necklace were featured in the 2014 Winter issue of a Cloth Paper ScissorsPublication, PAGES.  Participate in this step by step workshop to make one of your own, using textured stamps, special epoxy resin, and paint.  Also try your hand at creating a  perfect book bind with cheesecloth spine, and complete the front cover with a Victorian image, set behind antiqued faux mirrored glass.  All this during a one day workshop. 

Sea Glass Charms 
by Instructor, Lynne Suprock
 At Cricket Manor
10 AM to NOON, Sunday, August 3, 2014

Local Workshop Fee  $25.00   
Kit Fee $7.00 per student


These thrown away piece of bottle or jar glass have been tumbled by the sea to reveal a free form and soft glass that become beautiful charms.  Love them plain or choose your favorite stamps to personalize two gems.  Learn how to drill the glass, and seal.  How wonderful these would look on a necklace or bracelet! This is a two hour workshop.


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