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Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Altered Doll Meet Up

Altered Dolls: The Firefly Girls
A Meet and Greet, So To Speak

This has been a meeting in the making for quite some time now, where East girls drive West, and Northern girls drive South to connect in a Pennsylvania town, rich with both history and art, at the foothills of the Laurel Mountains.

I met up with my two art sisters, Kat Stromecki and Deb Petronio from the East Aurora area of NY in Ligonier, PA, for a weekend of catch up and to share a project that we all had been working on.

Deb generally enjoys the art of altering object,s giving them a bit of Steampunk flair.  Kat enjoys collage and journaling, with a personal interest in creating one's life stories on paper.  Here are some samples of their work...



Several months ago, Kat sent us Ebay "Donna Dolls" so that we could have at it for giving them a new home and personality.  The challenge was to complete our makeovers and meet up for the unveiling of our three altered girls, The Firefly Girls, for the very first time. Here they are!

The girls were all very different and, as far as we could tell, all had a very good time.  So did the grown up art girls for sure : -)  Here are a few more candid shots of the weekend in Ligonier, PA!


Deborah Petronio said...

Fun was had by all! It was great to see how different the dolls looked.

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