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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Art Project Tutorial 5: Princess Whisperer, Mini Tiara Necklaces

Art Project Tutorial 5: Princess Whisperer, Mini Tiara Necklaces

By Lynne Suprock

For anyone who knows me, I have been making mixed media tiaras for years.  Some are for charity, some for workshops, some for friends and some for myself.  Some are with rhinestones, some with Apoxie Clay, some with wire. Many art sisters have shared my interests in these surreal fashion statements.  Recently, I was excited to have an article appear in this summer's Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine, featuring a step by step tutorial and a few of my mini tiaras as pendants.  

My inspiration for these little lovlies come from childhood.  I used to study the musicals on television for costuming.  Anything to do with glitter and flounce instantly had my attention.  Then, of course, there was the Wizard of Oz, with all the glitz that came with those Ruby Slippers.  Although they were nice,  I focused on that splendid, over the top crown, Glinda, the Good Witch wore! Oh my my!

There are lots of princesses in the movies, cartoons and in real life. In every dress up trunk or halloween store, you will find a tiara or two.  In my studio, you will find several..... along with some tap shoes.

TIPS:  Use a thin beading wire for crocheting the delicate necklaces.  

In addition to a third hand, wear a thick cotton pair of garden gloves when soldering the wires for the little rhinestone tiaras. This helps you to manipulate the hot wires for a short time without getting burned.

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