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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Gold Leaf And Polymer Clay With Christi Friezen

Gold Leaf And Polymer Clay With Christi Friezen

By Lynne Suprock

I finally got to meet super duper art girl Christi Friezen this weekend.  She ran three polymer clay workshop intensives in Ligonier, PA at The Main Exhibit, sponsored by Allegory Gallery.  

Also in Ligonier that weekend, was something called Antiques On The Square.  OH YUM RIGHT THERE.  A few other creative things happened as well, but that is the next blog. hehehe.

So......... surrounded by market, antiques, and Christi, Sunday was an art day, for sure.  One of the things I enjoyed about the workshop, other than making beautiful stuff.....was how fun, lively and easily approachable Christi was as an artist and teacher.  She has published books, made DVDs, taught online, does a million workshops, and maintains her wonderfulness as a person.  Lovely.

I have worked with clays and resins in the past and do a lot with Aves Apoxie Sculpt currently, so to see how to marry polymer with a few other products like that, and metal, and Pan Pastels, and Gold Leaf, etc etc, was important stuff for my mixed media mind.

One tip I will give away from the class I chose to attend that day was to use actual honest to gosh "gold" leaf in the process.  The other metal foils do not really work as easily or as nicely with polymer.  So, let that be the (lol) gold standard.  

Here are some of the pictures from that morning....

Here are a few of my own pieces that I took home from class.  OK, I did my own thing in the middle.  😀

That evening Christi and her sis Stacey Cole Peterson (who does metal work) had an opening show, a little walk up the street, at Allegory Gallery, 215 East Main St, Ligonier, PA.  Christi now has her polymer vessels and goulies, and other juicey pieces on display and for sale there, for the next several weeks.  Check out some of her pieces at 

Finally, some pictures as the reception was winding down and silliness prevailed. Thank you Andrew Thornton and William Jones for a terrific evening, food and fun.


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