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Thursday, July 22, 2010

how to make an art charm bracelet

 Art Charms Are Simply Pretty Stuff To Wear Anyday

This fun bracelet is made in an afternoon as you are reminiscing.
Here's the how to.....

Everyone has an old bracelet, maybe tarnished, which is the character base!  With the findings available at the local craft store such as AC Moore, Michaels or Hobby Lobby, pick up some "jump rings, crimp ends, and two pair of jewelry flat nose pliers."

Break the backs off old earrings and drill a small hole through the remaining piece.  Add the jump ring, using your flat nose pliers to pull apart, attach to the bracelet, then close. 

Or, unearth old charms from other bracelets or from those dusty souvenir boxes and add those jump rings as well.  If you collect feathers, as I do, glue the end and put that end into the crimp finding.  Squeeze with pliers and let the glue dry.

If you are feeling more artistic, you can draw a picture on heavy card stock, use a small hole punch, add your jump ring and, Voila, a true "art charm" for you bracelet.  Mix and match your media and wear away!


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