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Friday, July 9, 2010

Starbuck's Coffee Time

Now Wearing  Starbuck's

Everyone who knows me will know that I love my
coffee, decaf or high test, depending...

I had broke down and bought a Starbuck's porcelain travel mug awhile back to save the planet and save me a dime a cup on refills.  Imagine my disappointment when the cup shattered, in an unfortunate dishwasher episode, one day. 

Seeing opportunity for unique jewelry pieces, I scooped these two from the pile and went to work.

How wonderful these are on a chain!!  I love them.


carolqn65 said...

I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!

Korie B. said...

Somehow, in the crazy party-planning summer I've been having, I MISSED THIS. Lynne, I love this!! Any chance you'll be bringing any to Summer in Paris. GORGEOUS!

You're such a crafty cookie!

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