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Sunday, October 23, 2011

SteamPuffin SteamPunk!

Creating Steampunk Excitement

For those of you in the steampunk venue, you know all about Massachussett's Bruce and Melanie Rosenbaum! For those of you who do not, you are in for a treat
: )

I had been following Bruce and his steampunk victorian revival through his website, which has grown, grown, grown leaps and bounds for the past several years. I first stumbled upon him by Googling for Victorian restorations.  Lucky me.  It was a new world.

And much to my pleasure and excitement, our son, master engineer, Christopher, and conceptual design genius of functional steampunk, Bruce have recently paired up to invent some pretty awesome steampunked, high tech stuff! 

Take a look at the beautiful and cool stuff both present and future, exhibitions and the like, on Bruce's website: 

Check out the awesome stuff Chris had invented for industry, as well as for steampunk fun, at:

Meanwhile, hubby and I were so excited to meet Bruce and Melanie and tour their beautiful home.....full of fabulous architect and steampunk, of course!  They are terrific people, so full of energy, creativity.   We watched our son and Bruce brainstorm, and could literally see sparks fly!



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